Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So, I just checked on my stats of who is visiting our blog. There were all the usual suspects, but there were a few surprises also. Apparently someone linked to my blog through Mat and Kati's-from Belfast, Ireland! We have also had one visit from Rio. I don't know who these visitors are, but welcome! What a surprise to know that people in Ireland and Brazil know about my little family.


Happy Halloween!

Here is a photo of the great pumpkin harvest of ought-seven.
Yes, all these pumpkins were grown in "the jungle". I didn't plant them until probably the end of June so they didn't have much time to orange up. Next year they will be earlier. And, they will probably be the only thing planted. I can't imagine keeping up with a garden when I have a new baby and five others to take care of. I am kindof with Kati about the whole pumpkin carving thing. We usually don't carve ours until after Halloween. Usually because I am too lazy and don't want the mess. I am such a fantastic mother! (Josh didn't have a birthday party until he turned seven because of my fantastic-ness. And that was because my mother felt sorry for him and threw him a surprise party with all his cousins in attendance. I had nothing to do with it except getting him there. My sister did the decorations and my other sister planned the games.)

I am now hopping off the "let's-quit-feeling-like-a-horrible-person" carousel and will now concentrate on how great I am for taking my kids to a Halloween party later. It is a "trunk-or-treat" held by our old ward. They always have a chili cook-off, a costume contest, pumpkin contest (for those who do actually carve their pumpkins and feel like lugging them over to the church), and a trunk decorating contest. We usually don't really participate in any of them (due to my fabulous-ness) except the kids in the costume contest. I always bring chili or rolls or something, though. I was planning on participating with our ward's "trunk-or-treat", but for some reason this is the first year in the past five or six that they decided to not have one. We'll just go see our friends that we haven't see lately, and it will be fun.

Here are some pictures of yards in our neighborhood that are decorated for the holiday. I would've decorated, but since we moved I haven't been able to find the arms for our ghost, Mortimer. And our yard is just dirt. Next year it will be fabulous though. Just wait!

I have one more picture, but I decided to not post it. It is very disturbing. I noticed it when we drove past it the other day, and since then Ben is the only other one to notice it. He said it was gross and yucky. I'm glad none of the others have noticed it. It is a guy with a cleaver standing over a stump with two bloody heads on it and two headless bodies on the ground nearby. Why can't people stick with the fun part of the holiday (cute ghosts, cobwebs, etc.) instead of the gory aspect of it.

I will post pictures of my cute gypsie princess, clown, vampire, hippie, and devil (I think that's what they all decided on-they may change their minds in the next hour though, you never know) tomorrow. Until then,

Happy Haunting!

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