Monday, January 25, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We had a little bit of a scare last night. Kimi was playing at recess yesterday and fell on some ice and smacked her head on the cement. She called me right after it happened. She sounded fine and she said she had a little headache but she thought she would be fine. School was over in about an hour and a half. She said she wanted to go back to class. I told her that if she started feeling bad to call me. I heard nothing and went to pick them up when school was over. Kimi didn't come out. Someone said that she was in the bathroom throwing up. I went to park the car to go in, but she came out. She looked fine, eyes were fine, her coloring was fine, and no bump on the back of her head. We got home and about half an hour later she threw up again. She said she was really tired and just wanted to go to sleep. She was just laying around and had no energy. She continued to throw up about every half hour or so. I did a little looking around on the internet to find out about concussions. The things I saw said that vomiting could be a sign of a serious injury. In total she threw up six times in three hours. The doctor didn't have any appointments so we went to the Instacare. After waiting for an hour the doctor finally came in. He checked her out - felt her head, looked into her eyes with his little light, asked her lots of questions, etc. He said that there was no sign of blood pooling up around her ears or eyes, her pupils were responding normally, there was no pressure on the back of her eyes, she was responding and asking appropriate questions. Her headache was a lot better than it was when we got there. He told me to feed her if she felt like eating, give her Tylenol, and he gave me a list of things to watch for. We got home about an hour and a half after we got to the doctor's office. By then she looked much better, was acting a lot better. She laid on the couch for about half an hour and then ate a piece of toast. I gave her some Tylenol and she went to bed. She slept 11 hours before she woke up. She said she was still tired and she fell asleep while she was eating breakfast. I sent her back to bed and called the school to tell them she wouldn't be there today. She fell asleep immediately and slept for another two and a half hours. After lunch (which she cooked in her solar oven for her science fair), she laid back down and slept for another two and a half hours. She is back to normal now, thank goodness. No headache, no lack of energy, and wanting to eat whatever I give her.
I can't even begin to say how glad I am that she is okay.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, I've been a slacker. It's that darn Facebook's fault. Really. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
We started out the month with this-
I'm assuming that it was Andrew. I hope he enjoyed it.
Here's a cute pic of my babies-

Andrew being his cute self-

We got the basement bathroom tiled, grouted, and the vanity installed. All that's needed is to put up the shower surround and install the toilet and that bathroom is ready for use.

We also got the boy's bedroom painted. It is a lovely shade of slate blue. I just need to touch up some flubs on the paint and then we can get the carpet installed and they can move in.

We had a good Christmas. We got all the usuall gifts - we each always get a box of cereal, a box of pop tarts, cocoa, fruit snacks, m&m's, books, and a movie.
This year Santa didn't leave oranges in our stockings like he usually does. Josh got a coconut, Kimi, Mike, and I got avacados, and the others got pears.
Everyone got one big present. Mike got Settlers of Catan, Michelle got a Wii, Ben got a computer game called Spore, Josh got Legos, Kimi got a digital camera, Emma got a computer Solitaire game, Aaron got Gator Golf, and Andrew got Toby - a huge stuffed dog. And since everyone needed new shoes, they each got a gift card for a pair of shoes.

Ben also got this fabulous shirt-

He hasn't worn it yet. I don't know if that means he won't wear it or that he just hasn't yet.

Two days after Christmas, Mike found this on

It's huge (I'm only about one inch taller than the TV), but it works well, and he's always wanted one. It only cost $150 so it was a real deal. I think it's funny that the Wii people are bigger than my kids.

On December 27, about 20 minutes before we were to leave for Church, I heard a thud and Emma yelling "He broke his nose! He broke his nose!". She had Andrew up on her top bunk and he fell off. It turns out that it wasn't broken, just bruised and scraped - Thank goodness! He sure looked horrible for a few days.

A cute pic of me and the thirteen year old-

Here's some pictures of said thirteen year old. I don't have too many pictures of him that are normal. Most have a weird pose or him pulling a face. The picture above is the third one I took and I had to bribe him to have a normal face.

I guess that's all for now. I will try to blog more often. I promise.
Have a great day!