Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world!

Sorry it was a crummy day, and sorry this is a day late. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Even though this year has not started off well, I know it will be a great one. Both for you and us and our family. I am so glad you decided to choose me and will stay with me forever.

I am so looking forward to being with you for eternity because,


A few pics from our day at Primary Children's Hospital-

Aaron and I spent the afternoon at Primary Children's Hospital on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Aaron had an appointment to see a doctor in their seizure lab. It was supposed to be a one hour consultation, but it turned into almost four hours. They decided to do an EEG and an EKG while we were there. This is
what a two year old getting prepped for an EEG looks like-

They attatched 25 little electrodes to his head with some gooey stuff and masking tape, then they wrapped his head up so he looked like a mummy.

Then the technician turned off the lights and left the room. The idea is for him to fall asleep so they can compare his awake brain waves to his asleep brain waves. I don't know how they can read the brain waves. They looked like a bunch of scribbles to me. Anyway, of course he didn't fall asleep. He found the buttons on the bed to make it go up and down and just wanted to play. She finally unplugged the bed. After laying there playing for 45 minutes, she came back and said it was long enough. Then she took off all the wires and stuff and rubbed his head good with a warm, wet towel to get all the goo out. I hope they were able to get what they needed from that, even though he didn't sleep.
Next we went down the hall and they did an EKG. This measures his heart somehow. This is him getting hooked up for this test-

They put 12 electrodes on him this time, eight on his chest, one on the front of each shoulder, and one on each side of his belly. This took about five minutes. Then she turned the machine on for about five seconds and said he was done. Each wire records five beats of the heart and from that they can tell if something is wrong. The wonders of modern medicine.
They wanted to do an MRI also, but Aaron has a stuffy/runny nose, and the MRI is a test where he needs to be clear so they can sedate him. It's about 20-30 minutes in a machine where he has to hold perfectly still. They want me to call them in about three days to get the results of the tests, and I guess depending on how that turns out we will see about getting the MRI. I'm sure our insurance is loving us right about now.
I'll let you know what they say.
After the hospital I had to run an errand in Salt Lake. It should have taken about a half an hour, but with all the constuction it lasted about an hour and a half. By this time it was almost 5:30pm. I talked to Mike about a dinner plan. Of course there was none. We decided that he would get pizza for him and the kids, and Aaron and I would eat something at my Mom and Dad's house. (I had to stop there - in Bountiful - to pick up a tool that we needed to borrow.) After being at Mom & Dad's for a half an hour, they had received about a half inch of snow so I decided I better get on home. I left at 6:38pm and got home at 8:00. For those of you who don't want to do the math, that's an hour and twenty minutes. It usually takes just under a half an hour. It was snowing so hard that I didn't get above 35 miles per hour the whole way home. Once I left the freeway, I didn't go above about 15 mph. I had called Mike just before I left to tell him I was leaving, and he and my parents were starting to worry. I figured that by the time I got home, I had been in the car for four hours since I left the hospital. I felt like I had just driven from Idaho Falls. Anyway, we are all safe and well. Maybe we'll stay that way for awhile.

Friday, January 25, 2008


We went to the doctor at noon. I took Emma with us because she stayed home from school with a cough, fever, and aches. The doctor looked in Aaron's throat and said, "We'll do a test to make sure, but that is a throat that has strep if ever I've seen one." I had him look in Emma's throat, and she's got it too. Yea for us. I get to go to the pharmacy later and get the amoxicillin for the both of them, then we get to not go anywhere until after Sunday. Emma is devestated. Her friend Corrine is having a birthday party tonight. It's a cooking party. Corrine has super-lady for a mom. She grinds her wheat for the week every Monday, bakes bread for the week on Tuesday, home schools her three kids, etc. I am not kidding. Everyone in the ward says that their house is where we will go if there is an emergency. Anyway, Corrine is turning seven today. They invited twelve (yes, twelve) six and seven year olds over to make their own pizzas and cupcakes. Camille (the mom) even made little matching aprons for all the kids to wear. Emma has been looking forward to this party for about a week and a half. I told her I was sorry she couldn't go, and Emma said that she didn't want to get Corrine sick on her birthday, so she guessed it was okay that she didn't go. I'll still take the present over though. That made Emma a little happier.
As for my two youngest children, they are both feeling a little better and on their way to recovery.
Here we are once again-

I had an appointment with my dietician (I have gestational diabetes) and she was telling me that my morning blood sugars are too high so I need to go on insulin. She was showing me how to use the insulin pen to give myself the shots, and Aaron was sitting on a chair next to me. All of a sudden he pitched backward and I caught his foot just before he hit his head on the floor. I scooped him up and he wasn't breathing and he was having another seizure. He was turning that sickening color of purple/grey and Cindy (the dietician) called 911. They kept asking her the address of where we were and taking a long time, and finally she said never mind. I had forgotten that we were literally steps from the emergency room. Her office is in the same building that has the billing department and some other offices for the hospital. We were right across a driveway from the emergency room. We left all my things in her office and ran across the street. We were in the ER in less than a minute and a half from when he started the seizure. He didn't take a breath until we were walking in the doors of the ER. They had me lay him down on the bed in one of the rooms, and immediately there were about 6-7 people working around him. They took blood, they suctioned out his nose and lungs because he was congested, they took a chest x-ray, and I don't know what else. He was in a postdictal state by now. They explained to me that even though he wasn't having a seizure right then (although he did have another small one while we were there), and even though to me it looked like a seizure, it wasn't. It was his body's response to the seizure. His fingers were curled up, his toes were pointed, his legs were kicking, his eyes were rolled back, and he was screaming. They gave him some tylenol (he had a 101.4 temperature) and a drug called adavan. They said it is similar to valium. It relaxes the muscles and it would help prevent future seizures (not forever, but while we were there). The test they ran showed that he didn't have RSV but he does have influenza. He's had a runny/stuffy nose since about Monday. Emma also has a fever and a congested nose today, so I guess she has it too. They said the flu lasts about a week and then a lot of times it can take up to a month to get all your energy back and be totally over it. They gave Aaron an IV with potassium in it because his white count was up and his potassium was low. After the IV he was feeling better so they told us we could go. I got Aaron dressed and down from the bed and he couldn't walk very well. He was stumbling and walking like he had just gotten off a fast merry-go-round. The doctor didn't feel good about us leaving if he couldn't walk so they put us in a room with a TV he could watch and got him some lemonade and cheese and crackers. After about a half an hour he felt better and was running up and down the halls so we went home. We left the hospital almost exactly six hours after we got there. Aaron was very tired and hungry, but he's doing okay now. I got up a couple of times in the night to give him medicine and to check on him, but he didn't ever wake up. He even took the medicine while he was asleep. He is doing much better today. We have an appointment with his pediatrician at noon, then an appointment at Primary Children's Hospital with a pediatric neurologist on Tuesday. I feel like I have been on the phone all morning with various doctors, and I'm sure it will just get worse. We wanted to say "Thank You!" to Tom and Barb. They came right over to the hospital and Tom and Mike gave Aaron a blessing, and they even gave me some money to get myself something to eat. We sure appreciate their willingness to drop everything and be there for us.

On a different note, Happy Birthday, Isaac!!!! We Love You!! We hope you have a super fantastic day!

Friday, January 18, 2008

This is for Sara-

(June 18, 1991)

Yea, I guess you were kindof young then. A brat, too. Good thing you outgrew that! Love You!!

I was tagged by Sara so here goes-

(this is our engagement photo---->)

How long have you been together? We first went out on November 1, 1991 so, forever?

How long did you date? three weeks, decided to get married, officially became engaged on New Years Day, married on June 17 (longest 7 months of my life, including those where I have been pregnant).

How old is he? He will be 38 a week from tuesday (Jan. 29)

Who eats more? him - I just started the diabetic diet and I feel very limited in how much I can eat.

Who said "I love you" first? don't remember, it was too long ago.

Who is taller? Mike by about 10-11 inches.

Who sings better? Mike, he was a member of the famous Men's Choir at BYU when we met.

Who is smarter? about what?

Who does the laundry? whoever is bugged the most by the gigantic piles of clothes everywhere.

Who does the dishes? mostly Mike - it's one of the things I hate to do. No, I don't mind doing the dishes, I just hate emptying the dishwasher so if it has clean dishes in it I have a tough time doing the dishes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Are we laying in it or standing at the foot of the bed? I usually sleep on the side closest to the door, so if a child has an issue in the night I can get up easily to deal with it. Right now that means me if we are laying in it.

Who pays the bills? Mike.

Who mows the lawn? What lawn?

Who cooks dinner? I do, unless I am really lazy. Then it's pizza night.

Who is more stubborn? I don't know. It's never been an issue with us (ha, ha).

Who kissed who first? I think it was a mutual kissing.

Who asked who out? That depends on how you look at it. Mike asked me to marry him about ten minutes after we met and I said that I didn't marry guys I had never dated so he said, "how about friday?". So I guess he actually asked.

Who proposed? See question above. Officially, Mike on the front porch of my Mom and Dad's house just after midnight on New Years Eve (but we had decided to get married a month and a half before that).

Who is more sensitive? The hormonal pregnant lady writing this.

Who has more friends? That would be Mike. I have no friends.

Who has more siblings? I am the oldest of eight-four boys, four girls. Mike is the oldest of seven-four boys, three girls.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? definitely the wife.

Who are you tagging? Kati and Kelly

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Does anyone want a two year old?

I really do honestly love him, but sometimes he sure makes it hard to like him.

I was sitting at the computer in our front room trying to get everything ready for Primary tomorrow, and Aaron decided that for some reason I needed to have the ketchup. He even took the lid off and turned it upside down for me. Wasn't that nice? I realized after I took this picture that it kindof looks like a murder scene, with his clothes all laid out and all.

We got it cleaned up reasonably well, but we are looking at hardwood flooring today. We want to rip up the carpet and put new flooring in the front room and the kitchen, but we weren't planning to do it until much later. If it cost too much, we will just have to live in a house that smells like a diner for awhile. Good Times, Good Times!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yes, I realize it's been a long time (Kati). I will try to write more tomorrow. The last two weeks of the year were pretty miserable for us. After Aaron being in the hospital, I got the stomach flu on Sunday (Dec. 23) and was literally laying down sick until Thursday (Dec. 27). Then I was out of energy until about Saturday. Ever since then I have been trying to catch up on everything.

I just today got all the Christmas things put away in a permanent place. When we moved in they just got dumped in a spare room. We are now thinking about maybe getting that room finished so the girls can move in, so I need to get it emptied. The Christmas items now live in a permanent spot on the shelves in the garage.

I may have some pictures to post tomorrow. I'll have to see what we've been doing the past couple of weeks.

I went to the doctor this morning. I am pre-diabetic like I was with Aaron, so no more sweets, and I have to severely cut down on the carbs. I also have to see a dietitian and check my blood sugar level often so I can learn what to stay away from so I have less of a chance of becoming diabetic in the future. Yea for me.

I'll try to find time tomorrow to blog more. See Ya!