Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So, I was up during the night with Andrew (about 3 a.m.) and Conan O'Brien was on. They replay his show, but it's one from a couple of weeks before, not the one that was on earlier that day. Anyway, I saw this and was amazed. I recorded it so my kids could see it and they LOVED it. These people are so talented. I have seen this about five or six times and see something new everytime.
(Sorry, I can't figure out how to just post the video here. You'll have to follow the link.)
So, here's some of what we've been up to the last three weeks -

he's been doing a lot of this -

we've been lucky enough to do some of this -

(visit and spend time with people we love)

we got to do some of this -
(yes, I give my kids cereal for Christmas - kinds they would never get otherwise)

and this little man learned how to do this -

(I don't think I'm ready to have him standing on his own yet)

Here are some of my favorite images from this Christmas season -

these are the shepherds from the Nativity the cousins acted out on Christmas Eve -
Mat and Kati's kids were by far the closest to authentic in the costume category.

Andrew has decided that everyone needs to share in the joy that is his tongue - ALL THE TIME!
It is always hanging out!

Mike is a big fan of the penguin and Santa found some penguin glasses to put in his stocking this year.

That's a short recap of our Christmas celebrations. We were able to spend time with both sides of the family and have a great time. We even spent time with special people we don't see often because they live too far away. We hope to see you again soon, John & Jackie and Sara & Isaac!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay, so I'm a slacker. I'll admit it.

I've been so busy this last month that blogging has been at the bottom of my to-do list. Sorry.

I'll start by mentioning my last blog (and part of the reason that I haven't written for awhile). Just a few days after my last post, Sara and Isaac had to give Kaitlyn back to her birth family. We are all so sad about the way things turned out. We wish the best life for her that is possible and she will always have a family that she doesn't know but who loves her.

Now, I will move on to other things. Things that make me happy.
Here are some pics of our Christmas decorations this year.

We have eight nativities. I have only posted pictures of two of them.

These are some of my kitchen decorations.

I got these bears the year that Kimi was one and a half. Otherwise there would be more of them.

(That little blue ornament in the bottom right corner is one I made in the second grade. Yes, that's me in 1974.)

Much to my husband's chargrin, we had two trees this year. One in our front entry room and one in the family room downstairs.

The tree on Christmas morning before all the mayhem.

Even though this is a horrible picture, it's one of my favorites of the season.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas filled with love and happy family togetherness!
We Love You!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, I guess it's okay to write about now that Sara and Isaac have put it up on their blog. We have a new member in our family.

I am proud to introduce Kaitlyn.
The process of her becoming an official member of the family has, so far, been following a very rocky road. You can read all about it here -

PLEASE pray for them! She needs to stay with this family. She belongs there. We all love her and would miss her, even though most of us have never met her. She would leave a gaping hole that would be next to impossible to refill.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I just happened upon a cool thing on a blog that I stalk daily.

After watching, read this-

Makes you think, huh?

Happy Holidays! I hope we can all remember why we celebrate.