Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today there is a record setting blog hop happening. I just stumbled upon it. On every blog they have something creative to give you inspiration and a quote or scripture that inspires them.
The reason it is record setting is because over 215 blogs are participating. I don't plan on getting through them all today. I have filled up four and a half pages in my quote book with quotes on happiness and creativity and love. Here is the first page if you want to follow along and look at and read some happy things.

Have a fabulous day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I was lazy and wanted to waste some time. Posted below is what I came up with.
Have a Fantastic Day!!!!!!!!

Make sure you scroll down and turn off the music before you watch these. It will make the experience more enjoyable. I promise.

Boogie On Down!

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Dance, Dance, Dance

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The awesomest boys!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today is my baby's First Birthday!

We sure are glad
to have him in our family. I must admit though, today has been a little hard for me. I cannot think about that day one year ago without feeling a little upset. The day did not happen as I planned, he came out looking battered and beaten, and I didn't get to hold him or really get to see him until he was a few hours old. I was alone from about 15 minutes after the birth until almost an hour and a half later. No baby, no doctor, no nurses. They took Andrew (and Mike went with him) to the nursery almost immediately because he was having some breathing issues. I didn't know what was happening. Everything turned out okay, as you can see from the pictures. (The pics were all taken within the last week - the balloon pics were taken this afternoon.)

A few days after his birth, he developed jaundice. He had to be hospitalized immediately for a day and a half. After that, he had to have his bilirubin checked everyday for about two weeks.

He had a clogged eye duct and had to be seen by an opthamologist when he was a few days old.

In his first two weeks of life he was in the hospital for six of the fourteen days, he was seen by the doctor on ten of the days, and he had blood taken on twelve of them.

Plus, I had post-partum depression.

It was a rough two weeks. I still get really emotional thinking about it.

Good thing it all turned out okay, or I'd be more of a basket case that I already am.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is my 150th post!

I wanted to do something really cool to mark the occasion, but I can't think of anything. Maybe it'll just be a rambling of random thoughts.

Last night my Primary Presidency meeting (I'm the secretary) was only four hours long. We even managed to pretty much stay on the subject of the Primary.

It totally bugs me that all my family blogs are hooked together. Does anyone know how I can separate them? You know, so I can have my own profile on my recipe blog, and a different one on the family blog, etc. I am pretty illiterate when it comes to the computer, and I have tried but I cannot figure it out.

I may run out of recipes soon. I have literally thousands (probably hundreds of thousands - no kidding!) of recipes, but it seems that I only cook about eight or ten different things. What's up with that?

How do you teach your children the importance of honesty? Anyone have any ideas? We seem to be having a HUGE problem with this around here lately. They will stand there and lie right to my face, even when I am holding proof of their lie in my hand. I don't understand what's going through their heads.

My favorite music right now is coming from Coldplay, The Fray, and U2. I can't seem to get enough. I always am a little sad when the song is over, and I always replay the song if I can. I also like Fa Fa by Guster and Kodachrome by Paul Simon. I think I could listen to just those two songs over and over all day and be perfectly happy.

I got an e-mail from Kimi's school teacher with a link to a very interesting clock. Here it is-

The top is the seconds, next down is the minutes, next down is the hour, etc. Pretty interesting that someone would figure that out.

I am totally looking forward to tonight. My husband has offered to take us to see the King for dinner (Burger King) because I am so unmotivated today. I got home last night at 11:45pm and Andrew was up with bad dreams or something not long after that. After about an hour I put him back in bed. Maybe half an hour later Emma came in just shaking and crawled in bed with me. She had had a nightmare. It took her probably an hour and a half for her to calm down enough to go back to her bed. By then it was around three and we got up to get the day going around 6:15am. It's been a long day. Plus, all my favorite shows get recorded tonight for me to watch at my leisure. (Survivor, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and ER.) Tonight's the night that all the old doctor's come back on ER. No one else will see it though. I think I'm the only one left that watches that show.

I guess I'll go because my sweet man just drove up.

Have a fantastic day!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I have added a new feature to my blog.

I decided that although I am not, by any stretch of anyone's imagination, a great chef, I do have a few things that I make that are wonderful. I am always looking for new things to try to get out of my rut in the cooking department, so I decided to share with you few who read this blog, just in case you are in a rut and wondering what's for dinner tonight.

All you do is click on the link to the right to get to my new site.

This new blog is totally interactive. If there is a recipe that you make that your family loves, e-mail it to me (address is posted on the recipe site) and I will post it.
I will also post links to other recipe sites that I happen to run across.

Happy Cooking!