Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today is my baby's First Birthday!

We sure are glad
to have him in our family. I must admit though, today has been a little hard for me. I cannot think about that day one year ago without feeling a little upset. The day did not happen as I planned, he came out looking battered and beaten, and I didn't get to hold him or really get to see him until he was a few hours old. I was alone from about 15 minutes after the birth until almost an hour and a half later. No baby, no doctor, no nurses. They took Andrew (and Mike went with him) to the nursery almost immediately because he was having some breathing issues. I didn't know what was happening. Everything turned out okay, as you can see from the pictures. (The pics were all taken within the last week - the balloon pics were taken this afternoon.)

A few days after his birth, he developed jaundice. He had to be hospitalized immediately for a day and a half. After that, he had to have his bilirubin checked everyday for about two weeks.

He had a clogged eye duct and had to be seen by an opthamologist when he was a few days old.

In his first two weeks of life he was in the hospital for six of the fourteen days, he was seen by the doctor on ten of the days, and he had blood taken on twelve of them.

Plus, I had post-partum depression.

It was a rough two weeks. I still get really emotional thinking about it.

Good thing it all turned out okay, or I'd be more of a basket case that I already am.


sara said...

Good gravy he's cute!!! Happy Birthday! Love, Auntie Sara

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Sorry you had a hard time, Michelle. I can totally relate. When Xander was born (5 weeks early in Vegas if you remember), I got to hold him for about 10 seconds and didn't get to see him again for TWELVE HOURS! It was awful. Glad these things turn out okay in the end!

Love you!