Friday, January 25, 2008

Here we are once again-

I had an appointment with my dietician (I have gestational diabetes) and she was telling me that my morning blood sugars are too high so I need to go on insulin. She was showing me how to use the insulin pen to give myself the shots, and Aaron was sitting on a chair next to me. All of a sudden he pitched backward and I caught his foot just before he hit his head on the floor. I scooped him up and he wasn't breathing and he was having another seizure. He was turning that sickening color of purple/grey and Cindy (the dietician) called 911. They kept asking her the address of where we were and taking a long time, and finally she said never mind. I had forgotten that we were literally steps from the emergency room. Her office is in the same building that has the billing department and some other offices for the hospital. We were right across a driveway from the emergency room. We left all my things in her office and ran across the street. We were in the ER in less than a minute and a half from when he started the seizure. He didn't take a breath until we were walking in the doors of the ER. They had me lay him down on the bed in one of the rooms, and immediately there were about 6-7 people working around him. They took blood, they suctioned out his nose and lungs because he was congested, they took a chest x-ray, and I don't know what else. He was in a postdictal state by now. They explained to me that even though he wasn't having a seizure right then (although he did have another small one while we were there), and even though to me it looked like a seizure, it wasn't. It was his body's response to the seizure. His fingers were curled up, his toes were pointed, his legs were kicking, his eyes were rolled back, and he was screaming. They gave him some tylenol (he had a 101.4 temperature) and a drug called adavan. They said it is similar to valium. It relaxes the muscles and it would help prevent future seizures (not forever, but while we were there). The test they ran showed that he didn't have RSV but he does have influenza. He's had a runny/stuffy nose since about Monday. Emma also has a fever and a congested nose today, so I guess she has it too. They said the flu lasts about a week and then a lot of times it can take up to a month to get all your energy back and be totally over it. They gave Aaron an IV with potassium in it because his white count was up and his potassium was low. After the IV he was feeling better so they told us we could go. I got Aaron dressed and down from the bed and he couldn't walk very well. He was stumbling and walking like he had just gotten off a fast merry-go-round. The doctor didn't feel good about us leaving if he couldn't walk so they put us in a room with a TV he could watch and got him some lemonade and cheese and crackers. After about a half an hour he felt better and was running up and down the halls so we went home. We left the hospital almost exactly six hours after we got there. Aaron was very tired and hungry, but he's doing okay now. I got up a couple of times in the night to give him medicine and to check on him, but he didn't ever wake up. He even took the medicine while he was asleep. He is doing much better today. We have an appointment with his pediatrician at noon, then an appointment at Primary Children's Hospital with a pediatric neurologist on Tuesday. I feel like I have been on the phone all morning with various doctors, and I'm sure it will just get worse. We wanted to say "Thank You!" to Tom and Barb. They came right over to the hospital and Tom and Mike gave Aaron a blessing, and they even gave me some money to get myself something to eat. We sure appreciate their willingness to drop everything and be there for us.

On a different note, Happy Birthday, Isaac!!!! We Love You!! We hope you have a super fantastic day!

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