Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A few pics from our day at Primary Children's Hospital-

Aaron and I spent the afternoon at Primary Children's Hospital on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Aaron had an appointment to see a doctor in their seizure lab. It was supposed to be a one hour consultation, but it turned into almost four hours. They decided to do an EEG and an EKG while we were there. This is
what a two year old getting prepped for an EEG looks like-

They attatched 25 little electrodes to his head with some gooey stuff and masking tape, then they wrapped his head up so he looked like a mummy.

Then the technician turned off the lights and left the room. The idea is for him to fall asleep so they can compare his awake brain waves to his asleep brain waves. I don't know how they can read the brain waves. They looked like a bunch of scribbles to me. Anyway, of course he didn't fall asleep. He found the buttons on the bed to make it go up and down and just wanted to play. She finally unplugged the bed. After laying there playing for 45 minutes, she came back and said it was long enough. Then she took off all the wires and stuff and rubbed his head good with a warm, wet towel to get all the goo out. I hope they were able to get what they needed from that, even though he didn't sleep.
Next we went down the hall and they did an EKG. This measures his heart somehow. This is him getting hooked up for this test-

They put 12 electrodes on him this time, eight on his chest, one on the front of each shoulder, and one on each side of his belly. This took about five minutes. Then she turned the machine on for about five seconds and said he was done. Each wire records five beats of the heart and from that they can tell if something is wrong. The wonders of modern medicine.
They wanted to do an MRI also, but Aaron has a stuffy/runny nose, and the MRI is a test where he needs to be clear so they can sedate him. It's about 20-30 minutes in a machine where he has to hold perfectly still. They want me to call them in about three days to get the results of the tests, and I guess depending on how that turns out we will see about getting the MRI. I'm sure our insurance is loving us right about now.
I'll let you know what they say.
After the hospital I had to run an errand in Salt Lake. It should have taken about a half an hour, but with all the constuction it lasted about an hour and a half. By this time it was almost 5:30pm. I talked to Mike about a dinner plan. Of course there was none. We decided that he would get pizza for him and the kids, and Aaron and I would eat something at my Mom and Dad's house. (I had to stop there - in Bountiful - to pick up a tool that we needed to borrow.) After being at Mom & Dad's for a half an hour, they had received about a half inch of snow so I decided I better get on home. I left at 6:38pm and got home at 8:00. For those of you who don't want to do the math, that's an hour and twenty minutes. It usually takes just under a half an hour. It was snowing so hard that I didn't get above 35 miles per hour the whole way home. Once I left the freeway, I didn't go above about 15 mph. I had called Mike just before I left to tell him I was leaving, and he and my parents were starting to worry. I figured that by the time I got home, I had been in the car for four hours since I left the hospital. I felt like I had just driven from Idaho Falls. Anyway, we are all safe and well. Maybe we'll stay that way for awhile.

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sara said...

oh gosh, those pictures are enough to break my heart. We are praying for you like crazy. Please give Aaron a big ol' hug for me!!