Friday, January 25, 2008


We went to the doctor at noon. I took Emma with us because she stayed home from school with a cough, fever, and aches. The doctor looked in Aaron's throat and said, "We'll do a test to make sure, but that is a throat that has strep if ever I've seen one." I had him look in Emma's throat, and she's got it too. Yea for us. I get to go to the pharmacy later and get the amoxicillin for the both of them, then we get to not go anywhere until after Sunday. Emma is devestated. Her friend Corrine is having a birthday party tonight. It's a cooking party. Corrine has super-lady for a mom. She grinds her wheat for the week every Monday, bakes bread for the week on Tuesday, home schools her three kids, etc. I am not kidding. Everyone in the ward says that their house is where we will go if there is an emergency. Anyway, Corrine is turning seven today. They invited twelve (yes, twelve) six and seven year olds over to make their own pizzas and cupcakes. Camille (the mom) even made little matching aprons for all the kids to wear. Emma has been looking forward to this party for about a week and a half. I told her I was sorry she couldn't go, and Emma said that she didn't want to get Corrine sick on her birthday, so she guessed it was okay that she didn't go. I'll still take the present over though. That made Emma a little happier.
As for my two youngest children, they are both feeling a little better and on their way to recovery.


Kati said...

I am glad they are feeling better. man...what a rough January it has been for you guys. Hang in there! Spring is on the way!
Love ya

sara said...

oh wow. your poor kiddos- and poor you!!! let us know how everything goes at Primary Children's on Tuesday, we'll be praying for you. Give Emma and Aaron big hugs from us (and while you're at it, give one to all of kids from us!) We love you!