Saturday, April 12, 2008

So. I guess it's time I get back into the blogging habit. It has been three and a half weeks since Andrew was born. During that 25 days I have been in the hospital with Andrew for five of them and have taken him to the doctors office twelve times. After all the problems he had with his bilirubin, the doctor weighed him (at his two week check-up) and found out that he had lost two ounces in two days. He's supposed to be gaining about an ounce a day, so the doctor said we needed to supplement the feedings with formula. I felt like he was saying that I was a bad mom because I wasn't feeding my baby enough and he was starving. Of course he wasn't saying that, and I know in my head that my ability to produce enough food for my child has nothing to do with my worth as a mother. But, with my extra hormones and what we had already been through with him, this news sent me to a place I would rather not talk about. I'm sure Mike was glad to go to work each day and get away from this bizarre weeping woman that he suddenly lived with. I am glad to report that now I am okay with things. I seem to be past the post partum depression I was feeling, Andrew is gaining weight, and things are looking up. At his follow-up weigh-in he had gained seven ounces in seven days. He was 7 pounds 5 ounces last Wednesday (April 9). Now the only thing I need to deal with is feeding him every hour and a half. (I stepped up the feedings rather than supplementing. It was just too painful for me to give him a bottle.)

In other news, Mike is trying to kill everything in our backyard today. Under the three feet of snow that melted a few weeks ago we had a nice lush carpet of weeds growing. It actually is kindof pretty. It's those little purple flowers, but I would rather have a nice lush carpet of grass so Mike is spraying. He's also been re-digging the trenches for our sprinkler system. They kindof caved in over the winter, and now that it's warmed up it is time to get serious about installing the system and reclaiming the other half of our garage that's been filled with pipe and such.

Also, many many thanks to Tom and Barbara for watching our kids last night. You were a godsend in a time of need. You guys are my heroes.

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sara said...

Thanks for the update. I am SO glad that Andrew is doing better, and that you are feeling better! Love you!