Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, I am sitting in the living room yesterday with Andrew when the phone rings. Kim brought it to me and said it was Harmon's. I'm thinking, "I don't know anyone named Harmon." I answer the phone and indeed it was Harmon's - the grocery store. A few weeks ago they had a grand opening at the store in Roy. It has been there for awhile, but they did a little remodeling. They had papers that you would put your name, address, and phone number on and drop it in one of their boxes. They were for a drawing they were having for some give-aways. I filled one out and then promptly forgot about it, because I NEVER win anything (except for the heart of my husband). Anyway, guess what I won?

We went over last night to pick it up, and I was shocked at how big this thing is!
It hold eleven cups of stuff! It can make bread, slice, shred, you name it! Mike looked online and found out that you can buy one at Ace Hardware for $199.99 plus shipping. Now I just need to find a place to put it!


Kati said...

I know where you can put it.)):
Kati's house! I have wanted one of these FOREVER!

Angie said...

Congrats! That's really cool. I'll bet you'll have fun with that.

Christi said...

Did you win the baby or the cuisinart? LOL Great win. I was born and raised in Utah. I moved to Denver when I was 17 - I'm 35 now. I haven't been to Harmon's for years but I knew exactly what you were talking about before you said you didn't know anyone named Harmon. LOL