Monday, May 11, 2009

Okay, so here's the deal. I am busy, but not busy enough to blog only once a month. This is a post that you can probably put in the category of "Hmm, that's something that I didn't know about Michelle." Maybe you did know. I think I hide it well, but maybe not. You be the judge.
I struggle with depression. I try to not let it affect my life, or the lives of my family, but sometimes it really does. Some days it is really hard for me to do anything but make sure that my family eats something (we have had pancakes, pizza, and sandwiches a lot in the last month) and everyone (that needs them) has clean diapers. I usually make it worse because I am not a talker. I HATE talking about my problems. Because, you know, if you ignore it it will go away. That works every time - NOT!!! This is a very difficult post for me, because I would rather not talk about it. But, I have realized that if I talk through my problems and feelings, it gets better and I can cope easier and better. There are still some days that I think some Cymbalta would be helpful, but I hate drugs too. I don't even take Tylenol unless I feel like my head will explode.
So, that's what's been going on around here. You know, besides life with six kids. I'll try to do a real post, with pictures and stuff, sometime soon.


Angie said...

Sorry you are struggling. :( Talking definitely helps! Feel free to email, or even call me, anytime. I'll email you my phone number. I'm really a fantastic listener, and confidentiality is my middle name; nothing shocks me at all and I've been through a lot myself. Hang in there! You're in my prayers.

sara said...

Let me know if I can do anything! Even just a ear to bend, or someone to write emails to, or whatever. Love you!