Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So, a couple of times a year DATC (Davis Applied Technical College) sends some of the students from their beautician program to the local elementary school to give free haircuts to any kid who wants one. You know, for practice.
I have never let any of my kids get one. Until today.
Emma has been begging to get her hair cut "above my ears" for months.
I usually cut the boys hair and the girls bangs, but I am horrible at the whole head girl haircut, so I signed the paper. I was a little concerned about the wording on the permission slip, though. It stated that I understood the risks and that DATC or their students would not be held responsible for any harm or damage that was inflicted during the hair cut. I signed hoping that Emma would come home with two ears and no scars and looking decent.
Here are the before pics (taken this morning).

And here are the afters (taken this afternoon).

I guess it didn't turn out too bad. Kindof cute even.


sara said...


tiffany said...

it is cute

it probaby was concerning as a parent i have worked in nursing homes where the actual beautician getting paid woud cut all the ladies hair in a very short cut so they looked like men it made me mad

Mom said...

I love it! It really looks cute, Emma. You are such a sweetheart--just like Kimi! Love you both!
Love, Grandma Price