Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I just got back from an appointment with my ob/gyn. I went expecting to have a lengthy discussion about anti-depression medication and the side effects and risks of taking them. I had done a lot of research about treatments, and I was not excited about any of the drugs or treatments out there. The side effects of the medications sound horrible, at least as bad as the depression, and the withdrawl from the medication is really bad, but in most cases the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Of course, not everyone experiences any or all of the side effects or they might experience a slight reaction to the medication instead of a severe one. Either way, I don't like taking medication unless I absolutely have to.
Anyway, it turned into a discussion about polycystic ovarian syndrome. She is convinced that I have it and depression is one of the things that can happen when you have POS. I have all the symptoms. The only way to treat it is with diet and exercise. The symptoms of POS are irregular cycles, obesity, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes or diabetes (I am pre-diabetic), infertility. Guess how many of these categories I fall into? All of them. She was surprised that no one had ever told me before about this. She put me on a diet (the South Beach Diet) where you basically don't eat any sugar or processed food or white flour. No pasta, no bread, no candy or soda, etc. Lots of veggies and lean meats. I need to exercise for at least a half hour a day, too. She didn't put me on any medication. She wants to see if these changes make any difference. She's convinced that they will. So, I guess we'll see. I'd rather change my diet and lifestyle a bit than take drugs with undesirable side effects. I'll keep you posted.


tiffany said...

i have pos also i understand im getting ready to change my diet as well my motvation for changeing my diet is im allergic to wheat aso & the diet sounds the same

Schramm Family said...

Hay! I was diagnosed with that a few years ago. We can be PCOS sistas!

Pam Price said...

Put me on this bus with you...I also have PCOS :)

What a wretched thing it is, but I figure if we can kick PCOS's trash, then we are setting our daughters up for success in learning how to eat and exercise (who could very likely end up with it as it tends to be hereditary)! Good for you for deciding to take control of it! I'm proud of you! It took me 6 years to finally DO something about it (and about my weight)...6 years too long. If I had started sooner instead of staying in denial, I might have been pregnant by now, but I can only start where I'm at now! So you are doing awesome about taking this thing head on! :)

I've done tons of research on PCOS and even own 3 books about it :) I figure the more knowledge you have, the better tools you have to fight it with :) he he

K Machir said...

Wow. I've never even heard of it! I don't have EVERY symptom, but enough of them... Then again, I am a hypochondriac.

Yep, this sounds like an "okay diagnosis." The diet would be a BIG change for me; hope it won't be too awful for you. I hope it helps! Depression is a miserable thing.

Kati said...

I sent you my advice on facebook :)
But I am going to post my tips here, too since you have some followers who are also looking for a life change :)
I don't have PCOS...but I do have Celiac disease and a life change is the same no matter the diagnosis.
Sorry it is SO long...but I totally feel like we can use all the help from each other we can get!

I kept a bottle of water with me all the time. Drinking tons helps detox your body and it also makes you so you are not hungry. Most of the time we eat, but our body is really just thirsty.

Kati said...

Chewing sugar free gum helped me through those first couple of weeks. Orbit has some wonderful flavors and takes care of that sweet tooth.

I had to leave the house during the "snacking times" that my body craved gluten. My worst time is 3-5 pm. I just made sure that I took the kids to the library, park, or anywhere! Since it is getting colder, you will have to choose indoor places, but it gets you out of the house and away from food/temptations.

Mom/Dad Price introduced me to some really great gluten free crackers you can get at Costco. They are rice crackers and they are really good! I do not say that about many gluten free items. They are super low in calories and they satisfy that need for snacking.

I cut up all of my veggies and put them in the fridge. Making healthy snacks requires more time and effort than grabbing the easy unhealthy stuff. I leave fruits right in the middle of the counter for easy access. I have my kids afternoon snacks all ready for them before they even walk in the door. This forces me to fix a healthy snack for them and myself. It has become the most important time of the day that I spend with my kids. (even more than dinnertime!) I get one on one conversation with them and it helps keep us all connected and healthy in our food choices. Then they can do their homework and they don't snack on crap until dinner.

Kati said...

The one thing that helped the most was while I was shopping. If it wasn't good for us...I just stopped buying it. If it isn't in the house, it isn't an option. My kids don't even miss it. I don't buy any processed foods. Everything we eat is organic and made from scratch. It seems like it costs a little more when you first start shopping like that, but you soon realize that it lasts longer than the cheaper processed foods so you actually save money. I never shop when I am hungry and I do not take the kids to the store with me. Ever!

I am excited for you and I know you can do it! I didn't realize how unhealthy we were eating until I was diagnosed with Celiac. I had a hard time with the changes at first, but after almost 2 years of living gluten free...I can really see it as a blessing. If you can just get through the first 2-3 months you will realize how much better off your whole family is. Behaviors improve. Moods level out. It really is amazing. The problem is that you have to be the enforcer and stay positive about it. Of course my family misses the baked cookies and breads and the favorite meals I used to make...and I still do make them occasionally.

And...last but not least. Attitude. Seriously. When I realized that changing my lifestyle wasn't a BAD, awful thing and I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I realized it was the best gift I could give myself and my family. I felt like going out more with friends. I became more active in all areas of my life. My self confidence and appearance improved and I just enjoyed life more.

I know that all sounds a bit cheesy...but you can't beat the feeling you get when your body is healthy.

One phrase that helped me while I was detoxing was

"Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!"
And, it is so true! Think about how you feel after you have eaten crap all day long. Tired, bloated, grumpy. Even after eating your favorite treats.

Just go one day eating all healthy foods and when you go to bed, notice the way you feel. It really only takes one day to feel the difference.

I am with you 100%! I also found that it was very helpful to have a good friend you could call when you are feeling week, tempted or grumpy. Nothing picked me up like My friends Jenn and Anna. They were my go to girls when I was feeling sorry for myself. If you need me to be that go-to person for you...please, let me help! Although, it is nice to have someone close so they can come over and distract you if necessary :) But...you can call me anytime!

Hang in there! I know you can do it! And...in the process, Mat lost 15 lbs not even trying! My changes just helped him too without him even knowing it. Michael needs that help too. Together you guys can totally motivate each other and kick that POS to the curb!
(now picture me totally jumping and kicking with
cheerleader arms. )

Pam Price said...

Thanks for the ideas, Kati! Love it. And I love the idea of getting the kids afternoon snacks ready for them before they come home. I'm gonna use that one some day (when I have kids :)

I always say I had wished that my parents had taught me to eat properly growing up, then it wouldn't be so hard for me to learn how to eat all over again at 31 years old. So if I can start my kids off right, hopefully they don't face these same problems when they are older. As you've proven, while it can seem like a tough diagnosis, it can turn out to be a blessing in the end, NOT ONLY for us, but for our families, too.

You're right....life change IS the same no matter the diagnosis...I like that. You're definitely an inspiration :D Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

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