Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three big things happened this week.

Ben went on his first date on Saturday, November 20. Her name is Alicia, and she asked him. They went to see Harry Potter and they had chili cheese fries for dinner. They had a good time and she is a cute girl.

The second thing is that Kimi donated her hair to Locks of Love.
Here is the before picture-

They cut off 10 inches.
Here is the after picture-

She's been begging to do it for months so we finally went over and had it done.

The third thing-

Today my therapist and I decided that I'm done with the therapy portion of my treatment. Neither one of us felt like there was a need anymore, but he let me know that if I am ever in need again he would be there to help me. I agreed. I am happier than I have been for years. Literally about three years. I cannot figure out why it took me so long to do anything about it. When I think of how I was living and feeling for that long, and how I feel now just a short time after I first picked up the phone, I am amazed at the difference. It is a totally different life. I feel like I am a better mother and wife, I can deal with things a whole lot better that I was, and I have the motivation and energy to do things that I haven't wanted to do for a very long time.
This whole last month has been such a revelation to me and I've learned so much about myself and the way I need to live to be happy and healthy. I can honestly say that by far the hardest and the best thing I have ever done in my life is to pick up the phone on October 8 and make that call. I'm so glad that I did.


sara said...

1. a date?!?!? holy cow. way to go ben!!

2. super cute, kimi. what a good thing you did!

3. i am so, so glad you are feeling good!!!!!

Angie said...

I *heart* therapy! I went through a similar experience five years ago. It made such a huge difference. I am glad you are feeling happier. Your kids are so cute! Those first dates are a little scary for Mom, eh?

Kati said...

I am not old enough to have nieces or nephews dating! I am glad he had fun. she is a really cute girl! Way to go Ben!

Kimi...that is such a great gift to give! You are so lucky to have such beautiful hair that is envied by so many!

Michelle...so glad you are feeling better. Now the key is to keep up the GREAT work!

Such exciting changes for your family. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

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