Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thoughts of the Day - Musing of my Mind

I thought I would write a little something on the blog today to shock my wife that I would actually contribute to this little site of our lives. I just wanted to thank my wife for the past month of her things to be grateful for. She is pretty amazing and I kinda like her. I am sitting her pondering that there are wet clothes in the dryer and I have an expense report to complete and I just want to be mindless right now. I know this is wasteful and has little purpose but it is what it is. I am also thinking how much I dislike cold weather if it is not snowing. If it is going to be cold, lets bring on the snow. It's like fishing and not catching any fish. My dad thinks I'm nuts but if you are going to go throught the trouble of getting out the boat and hauling your butt up to the river the fish should be obligated to snag the line so you can feel like you accomplish something for the day. I am also pondering the framing of my basement so I can get 2 additional bedrooms and a bathroom finished before to much longer. I also am thinking about the coin I just shelled out to pay of braces for JUST Kim and Josh. I really should have exploited them as younger kids and got them into acting so they could help pay for some on this stuff. And lastly I am considering the fact that I am going to night school with Ben on Thursday in order to assist him in making up a class for this semester. So on top of trying to run a business, sell to companies that think I am to high priced, trying to help a pregant wife feel at least somewhat less overwhelmed, and posting this blog, I think the world is swell and I can't wait to do a jig to a Scottish melody sung by Mike Meyers. If this could be any more random it would have a purpose and I just want to wish everyone a great holiday and to let everyone know that the things that matter are the things that are forever. May we all think of forever and how we can make it there together. CIAO!!!!

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