Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here are the pics I promised.
Mike figured out how to get them off my camera and onto our computer.

Our tree 2007, before we had to redecorate because Aaron wouldn't leave it alone. Now only the top third has ornaments.

Some of my cute boys.


-and after.
Ten inches gone.
I looks a lot better when my hair is dried and fixed, I promise.

Emma the toothless wonder!

Aaron as he's being admitted to the hospital.

He did a lot of this in the almost 26 hours he was there.

Enjoying his first ever popsicle. His mouth and teeth were orange for the rest of the day and most of the night.

He looked so small in that bed!

Feeling a little better. At least he had some energy.

Aaron waiting in his little hospital gown for them to put new sheets on the bed.

Hey Mom! Can we leave yet?


sara said...

Your tree is adorable, the family is adorable, and I love your haircut! Those pictures of Aaron made me miss you guys all the more- I am so glad he is feeling better.

Little Bit Of Utah's Own said...

Are you guys still alive and kickin'??
New post! Gotta get my blog "fix" from the fam! Are your kids back in school?