Friday, March 28, 2008

Here are some more pictures of our little guy -

(face bruised from trying to come
out arm first)

On Monday we went for a follow -up doctor visit. Our doctor thought he looked yellow so he sent us to the lab for a bilirubin check. We then decided to run some errands. Mike's cell phone rang at about 2:30 pm and it was the doctor. He said that a regular bilirubin count is about 15ish, they start to get a little worried when it's around 18 or 19, and Andrew's was at 25. He said that Andrew needed to be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible. We took the groceries home, I fed Andrew, and then I took him to the hospital. We were checked in at 3:15pm and were there until Tuesday at 5:00pm. Since then he has had three doctor appointments and has been poked in the foot for blood three times. He had blood drawn this morning again, and his bilirubin is back up to 18.8. (It was 16.2 when we left the hospital.) They are sending over a suitcase with lights in it for Andrew to be in for awhile. Hopefully the lights will work. If not, and his count goes up again, he will have to go back into the hospital. While he was there, they had two banks of lights on him. One had four lights in it, and the other one had eight lights, plus he was on top of a blanket that was a light. So, he had a total of 13 lights. This is what he looked like. His eyes had to be covered so the light wouldn't damage them, and the bandage on his arm is his IV.

They just brought the suitcase thing for him to be in. Here he is-
We are supposed to keep him in there all the time, except to feed him and change him. Then we get to take him to the lab and have his blood checked again first thing in the morning. This case only has four small lights, so it isn't going to be as effective as the ones in the hospital so it may take longer to get his number down.
Now for some good news, at least good for me.
I weighed myself on the scale at my doctor's office today. It's the scale I've been weighed on this whole time. I am proud and excited to say that since last Monday (when I was last weighed) I have lost 12 pounds! Yea! And I have lost 14 inches off my waist! Super Yea!
We'll keep you updated. Have a great day!


sara said...

poor little guy! he is so adorable, I can't wait till august to hold him! love you all!!!

Kati said...

oh how sad! He sure fits right in with your family! He looks just like your other kids! What a cutie!
Hope he is doing better soon!