Friday, July 25, 2008

This has been kindof a tough week for me-
(I'm feeling very old)

My oldest baby turned (gasp) fourteen!

I was so unprepared that Mike picked up his presents on the way home from work that very day. I didn't even get them wrapped. Mike put them in pillowcases. I didn't have time to even make his birthday dessert until three days later. (He wanted lemon meringue pie.) His birthday party is next weekend, and it is a combined party celebrating his birthday, Josh's half-birthday (he never gets a birthday party because his birthday is always at Thanksgiving), Emma's birthday, and Kimi's birthday. How's that for a mom that can't get her act together?

And my youngest baby started doing this-

And this-

(eating solid food)

And he is now too big for the zero to three month old clothes (he just turned 4 months on the 18th) so I need to find the box of the 3 - 6 month size clothes.

And I need to lower the mattress in his crib tomorrow.

I don't expect my babies to stay small forever, but it would be nice.


Kenn and Jolene Johnson said...

I almost died when I read that Ben is 14 (yikes 2 more years until driving and dating).
BTW you should be feeling old- after all you turn 41 next week!
Happy Birthday (a little early). We'll miss you at Bear Lake (just think at least you don't have to pack all the stupid bedding, dishes, food, tents, clothes, toys, etc).

Love, Jolene

Kati said...

You are so old!

just kidding. Kind of.

No, really, I can't believe you have a 14 year old! Crazy stuff I tell ya.
The baby looks so cute rolling over. He is getting big WAY Too fast.
Happy Birthday old lady.
Love ya.

Angie said...

My oldest is about to get his learner's permit. Part of me is ecstatic and the thought of another driver in the house. The rest of me is absolutely terrified! I can't believe how fast they grow up. Your little one is adorable.