Monday, July 28, 2008

Here are a few random pics for your viewing pleasure-

This is Ben and me this morning.

This is us standing next to each other so you can see how tall he is.
Ben was ordained to the office of Teacher yesterday. I was okay until the Bishop got up in Sacrament Meeting and stood there arranging his papers for a minute trying to not get teary eyed. Then he called Ben up and said that he had just turned 14 and was worthy to be a Teacher. Of course then I started to blub too. It was a really nice day besides that.

This is my latest food experiment. It happened on Saturday (July 26). It is Indian food. I have heard a lot of people lately say how much they like Indian food, so I decided to try it. This is Chicken Curry and Naan (Indian flat bread). Everyone liked the naan, but not so much on the chicken. It was okay, but a different flavor.

This is Aaron thinking he needed to get himself a bowl of cereal.

Aaron being silly this morning. His usual self.
This next set of pics is what happens when Kim decides to use my camera.

Have a great day!

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Kenn and Jolene Johnson said...

At first it blew my mind that Ben is taller than you, but then I thought- Wait, everyone is taller than Michelle (then it wasn't so weird).
I don't know what mom's talking about wanting to come stay at your house while we take over hers, it's going to be a party at her house for the next 4 months (don't forget besides all the kids, there will also be 2 dogs). Just think how much stronger she will be for this experience (or it might just push her over the edge and into the looney bin).
You're praying for us to get back in our house before Easter, I'm praying before Christmas, but we'll see if I get too comfortable in mom's house (Mom is a good cook and babysitter).
My goal during this ordeal is to get mom computer literate, or at least know how to turn the thing on.