Friday, August 1, 2008

So, Mike's arm started to hurt him around Monday. In the muscle on the top of his left arm. On Wednesday it really hurt. So much so that he called me from work and asked for his doctors phone number. I didn't even suggest going to the doctor, so I knew that it hurt pretty badly. Mike called the doctor, but they couldn't see him until next Tuesday. Wednesday night Mike couldn't even move his arm, and it hurt so bad that he didn't sleep at all the entire night. I told him on Thursday morning to call the doctor again and see if they had any cancellations for that day or maybe they could just squeeze him in. He got in about 10 a.m. He has severe tendonitis in the muscle that runs under his armpit. They gave him two shots, one a steroid and one a pain killer. He fainted during the first shot. He also has to go back for more steroids next week and he has a prescription for Lortab to help with the pain. Fun stuff.
All my children are having sleepover birthday parties tonight. Josh invited three almost teen boys, Ben invited four teen boys, and Kim and Emma each invited two of their friend. Out of the twelve invited, probably only two of the boys will sleep over and all of the girls. Three of the other boys will come, but they can't sleep over. The kids all decided to have a build-your-own-pizza dinner and crepes for breakfast. I'll let you know how it goes.


Mom said...

You are crazy! But maybe it IS easier to get all the birthday parties over at once! Thanks for not inviting us---we're just too old for that much fun! Love, Mom Price

Kenn and Jolene Johnson said...

What a crazy way to ring in your birthday- hope you survived.

Brian & SuZ said...

Hey Michelle, hope Mike is ok. We missed you guys up at Bear Lake this year hope you guys are able to make next year!!