Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here's how it went-

These are the kids who came.

Everyone making their pizzas.

After the pizzas and opening presents everyone went to their own corners. This is a picture of the boys getting ready for the night, and Mom trying to get the little boys to sleep. Bedtime is 8:00pm and this pic was taken about 10:30pm. Can you say a miraculous transformation by Aaron into a little monster the next day?

Making crepes for breakfast. The hungry hoardes await.

That evening Mike got us a sitter and we hit the town (Salt Lake). We went to the Gateway and ate at Z'Tejas. It was yummy! After we ate we decided to walk to the bookstore and the kitchen store. Z'Tejas is at the very south end and the other stores are at the very north end. When I was in the kitchen store I overheard the cashier asking a customer if she wanted a validation. That reminded me that we forgot to get one at the restraunt. We went back to the restraunt for a little validation. While we were walking down the street we heard a guy say, "Excuse me. I think you dropped something." We turned around and who do you think we saw?

Our favorite Philadelphians! What are the odds?
Boy, were we suprised! It was so great to see them. They got to meet Andrew and we got to visit with them for a minute before they had to go meet up with Isaac's family. It made us really excited to be together with the whole family this weekend!

P.S. Mike's arm is feeling much better.


Pam Price said...
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Pam Price said...

It looks like the kids had a ton of fun! What a great mom you are...one of my biggest hopes is to always make my kids feel like we have an open home where friends are always allowed, and we can have fun and make memories...AND, that way I know what my kids are doing, and who their friends are :)

And how exciting that you ran into Sara and Isaac! Seriously! That is random, but exciting! :)

Angie said...

Hey, Michelle,

Looks like a great party! What a great idea. I'll bet your kids just loved it.


Kati said...

That looks like a whole lot of crazy. Wishing I was up there right now, instead of tending sick baby!
I bet the kids are all having a ton of fun!
Take lots of pictures for me!!!!!