Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, the post about the family reunion!

When we arrived on Thursday (Aug. 7) we found that Jackson and Ryan were already there. They came up with Sara and Isaac. Mat and Kati were home with a sick Haleigh. The boys immediately wanted to hold Andrew. Ryan was especially enamored with the baby. All weekend he was right there "helping"me with the baby. He would even run in from the other room just to tell Andrew how much he loved him. When I fed Andrew we had some interesting conversations about what he was doing under that blanket. Ryan also confided in me that he wanted his mommy to have another baby. Jackson told him that it wasn't going to happen, that his mommy would never have another one. Ryan said he knew that, but he wished she could.

David in the yellow shirt and Nathan in the blue. (I'm pretty sure I got that right.)

Samurai Sara and cute Uncle Spence

Keri and Spence with Emma
Emma Loved Grandma's hat!

Everyone loved the glow in the dark parade and games.

(sorry, my camera doesn't take very good pictures without the flash)

There were lots of crafts to keep the kids and their mommies busy, and everyone had a good time just being together.

Everyone had a good time at the talent show. Sara and Isaac performed "Sweet Little Buttercup" from Three Amigos. It was great! If you want the experience of seeing them perform this, look it up on youtube but imagine Sara and Isaac instead of Martin Short and Steve Martin (two martins, how about that?). They did the dance step for step, exactly the same as the movie. Fantastic! One of the other highlights of the program was Grandma and Grandpa singing a cowboy song about being reincarnated as poop. I never knew they were so talented!
There was also a trip to Toad's Family Fun Center. They have mini golf, race cars, an arcade, laser tag, etc. We were there for about, hmm I'd say eight minutes, before I had a total breakdown and became "that mom". You know, the one you see in the store or somewhere screaming at her kids. The one that makes you wonder why she ever had kids in the first place because obviously she doesn't deserve to have them. The one who is so out of control that it almost makes you want to call DCFS. Needless to say, I don't know if anyone had a good time there because I sure didn't. I left and took Andrew and Aaron back to the house and we missed all the fun. I definitely wouldn't recommend taking a three year old and a five month old there. I'm sure it's a great place for about age five and up. I couldn't even put the boys in the stroller and walk around, because it isn't very handicapped accessible. I can't imagine needing to get around there in a wheelchair.
Anyway, the rest of the time was great, and it was so good to spend time together. We really missed you Mat, Kati, and Haleigh!


sara said...

It was SO wonderful to see you guys!! I'm sorry you didn't have a good time at Toad's- it was quite crazy- but glad you got to go home and rest a bit. I miss you guys already!!!

Kati said...

Ryan just loves babies. He would want me to have one after another. Good thing that isn't going to happen. Your occasional "crazy mama" episodes (like at Toad's)would be a daily thing for me with more than the 3 kids I have. Some of us are blessed with patience more than others. I didn't get that blessing. I am good with 3...and that is my limit. Glad you guys had a good reunion. Sorry we missed it, but I am sure you are glad we didn't give your baby hand, foot and mouth disease. We'll get together soon.