Thursday, August 21, 2008

Josh got stung by a hornet yesterday (August 20). On the neck. I think it's because we are hosting the best hornet condo on the block.

I don't know how well you can see this. I took this picture while I was standing on the lawn. I wasn't about to get out the ladder and get closer, so I just zoomed in with the camera. There are six nests. They are each about the size of a half of a small cantalope. We also have a nest in the crawlspace above our garage. We have a vent there that is supposed to have a screen inside it so they can't get in. I have already sprayed this nest. I used about half a can of spray to make sure they were taken care of, but there are still tons of them out there. I don't think there is a screen and the nest is up in there out of reach of the spray. Mike made arrangements with a guy he knows (an exterminator) to come have a look and see what needs to be done. I've kindof had the thought that unless they are a problem we would leave them alone, but now there are so many of them that something must be done.

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sara said...

holy cow- that's a lot of hornets!!