Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update!!!!! Yay!

I got my haircut the day before Mother's Day. It went from this-

to this-

That first picture is kindof goofy, but you get the idea.

I had to take apart the disposal. Ben was playing with a bb (from a bb gun, don't ask because I have no idea where he got it) and it somehow ended up in the disposal. It didn't ruin the disposal, but it was sure inconvenient at the time.

On May 12, this lovely lady had a birthday. She didn't want a cake, she wanted root beer floats. So that's what we had. She turned 11. Two days later, a boy at school asked her if she would go to a movie with him. I have a feeling that we may be in for some trouble here.

On May 15 (Saturday) Mike said, "Do you want to install the new floor today?" He had brought home some laminate flooring some weeks before and it had been sitting - in the boxes - in our front room since then. I said sure, so we started ripping up the linoleum in the kitchen and dining area. We knew that we would need to install some new subfloor in the front room, but we thought that we could get the kitchen and dining area done before we needed to worry about that.

We got it all ready and put one of the pieces of laminate down on the floor. I really didn't like it, but Mike did and he had spent some money to purchase it. He could tell that I was less than pleased, so he loaded me and the little boys in the car and off the Lowe's we went. After some hours and a few different stores, we found something that wasn't outrageously expensive that we both liked and that matched our cabinets and table. We started to install it around 5pm and got almost all of the dining area done by 11pm. I spent the next few days installing the flooring in the kitchen. (On Monday I wasted most of the morning on the computer looking for a cheap flight to LA so I could attend my brother's wedding, and Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment in Salt Lake that took most of that day. I didn't get back to the floor until Wednesday. I didn't get to go to the wedding, by the way. Sorry Eric and Jill!) I got all the floor done by Friday around 4pm and re-installed the stove. I was about to re-install the dishwasher when I stepped on the floor. To my horror, I noticed that there was about 1/4 inch of water UNDER the new flooring. I un-installed the stove and we took out all the new flooring. Even what was in the dining area because the water had seeped under the cabinet. It took about an hour and a half to rip up what it had taken me about four days to install. We won't even talk about the amount of water added to the floor from my tears.

We had the fan on the floor for almost 48 hours before we decided that it was dry enough to re-install the flooring. All in all, I guess it wasn't too bad. A wasted week, but we only had to throw away four and a half boards. It's all done now (the part that was previously done) and it looks better than before. Yesterday (Saturday, May 29) we spent the day prepping the front room for flooring - ripping out carpet, pad, and tack strips, and installing a new sub-floor. Tomorrow we will be putting in the new flooring in there. Hopefully it will go pretty fast and we can be done by tomorrow evening. It will be so nice to have it done!

Josh had his last band concert on Thursday, May 27. They still sound like a junior high school band, but I must admit that they have improved since the beginning of the year.

This is what Andrew looked like at the concert.

The poor little guy. He had had another seizure on Wednesday and he was still sick and not feeling well at all. He had a fever of between 102 and 103 all afternoon, and that was while he was medicated. I would've stayed home from the concert with him, but Mike was at work and meeting us at the concert so I needed to take Josh over to the school anyway. Andrew was such a little trooper through the whole thing. After the concert, Mike got our neighbor to come over and help give Andrew a blessing. About a half an hour after the blessing, Andrew had no more fever and he slept pretty well all through the night. I am so glad that the priesthood is on the earth and that my husband is worthy to use that power to bless our family when we need it. Our family has been so blessed by the Gospel and I am so grateful that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Well, now you are caught up on what's been happing around here. Feel free to drop by and see the new flooring if you're interested. Have a fabulous day!

p.s. Tomorrow while we are installing the new flooring, I will be praying for the families of all those who have lost their lives while protecting the freedoms of others. I am truly grateful for their service. To all those in the military and their families - We love you and you are deeply appreciated for all your sacrifice and service!

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Mom said...

Wow--you guys have certainly had quite the "experiences!" Can't wait to see the new floors. All the other stuff Mike has done (the new bedrooms, bathroom, play room) sure looks great! Sorry Josh, that Grandma and Grandpa Price weren't able to come to the concert--I was really sick that night. Are you going to be in the band next year? Keep up the good work, everyone, and no more water leaks! Love, Grandma Price/Mom