Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to June!

The last post took me almost 2 hours. Sometimes I really do not like blogger. This picture is from that post, but for some reason blogger just deleted it. So here it is-

Emma found a snake in our yard a few weeks ago. She found one last summer that she named Edward, and she thinks that this is the same one. Who knows, maybe it is.


Yesterday Mike quit his job. He's been waiting (and wanting) to do that for a long time, at least two years. He finally found another job. And we don't have to move, it's more money, and the benefits (insurance) are better and less expensive. The drawback - he'll be working all over the U.S. and maybe even out of the country (they told him that he would need a passport). He may be gone for over a week at a time. We'll see. It will be an adjustment, but he's excited and it will be something that will challenge him and allow for growth, for both of us.
He'll be working for AlphaGraphics helping to open new stores across the country.
I'm sure there will be more to tell when we get more information. Right now about all we know is that he's supposed to start on June 15.
Have a superb day. I plan to.

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sara said...

i am so happy that mike got a new job- i hope he loves it. and i hope work will bring him to philly!