Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So, I'm sitting in my room on my bed watching the seventeenth hour of the 24 hour "Craft Day" on QVC and working on a super secret project that needs to get done (I'll tell you later-at the end of the month) and suddenly I hear a blood curdling scream. MMMOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! I jump off my bed and run down the stairs, almost tumbling headfirst down them. It was Emma. She breathlessly runs up to me and says, "My tooth is coming out!" I thought she had broken a leg or something. She has been asking me to pull her tooth out for about a month. It was barely loose, then it kindof solidified or something because then it wasn't loose (even though Emma thought it was), then it started to be a little loose again. I know this because she had me "check" it about three or four times a day. Anyway, I checked it about two hours ago and it was a teeny bit loose. I told her another week or so probably. She went out to play and low and behold, her teeth knocked together while she was riding her bike, and it almost fell out. Here is her new grin-

Today was also a big day in the Price household. We had to go to the Junior High and pick up Ben's schedule and locker assignment. (Man, am I old or what?) Here it is-

  • first period- Career/Tech Ed. a requrement for all 7th graders-I don't remember what this class is for

  • second period-English

  • third period-Reading Team a special class that helps teach how to take effective notes and how to study

  • then lunch 10:45 am (short morning, long afternoon)

  • fourth period- Utah Studies

  • fifth period-PreAlgebra a special math class for those who are struggling with math

  • sixth period- Beginning Band Ben thinks he wants to learn the saxophone-"because it's cool"

  • seventh period- Science

He will have lots of new things to get used to, and lots of new people to meet. Here he is trying to learn how to do the combination that will open his locker-

Mike is in Phoenix. He flew out yesterday(monday) after work and he'll be back late on Wednesday. He had some training meetings, how to do a budget and stuff. Pretty exciting I guess. Here's a cute picture of him and Aaron-

Well, I am missing hour eighteen -"digital scrapbooking". See you soon.

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Isaac and Sara said...

Cute smile, Emma! And Ben, I am so excited for you! Your classes sound like fun, especially band! Let me know how the first day of school goes. I love you all!