Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, I have been a major slacker about adding to this blog. I was going to add after we went to Idaho to the May Family Ranch and tell a bit about that, then they decided to call me as the secretary in our Primary presidency. Holy Cow! I have been sitting at my computer for about four days straight trying to get things under control enough to know what's going on. Then Ben started school on Wednesday, Aaron learned how to open a doorknob, and he started into his "terrible twos". It's been a full two weeks.

Here we go catching up on the last few weeks.

They have this great waterslide up at the ranch that Paul built. He diverted part of the stream to go down the waterslide so it has a continuous stream of water going down it. It is very fast and has a bump in it so you have a little jump. The kids loved it and spent most of the day going down it over and over. It was really fun to watch. They had contests to see who could go down the fastest, who could go down the slowest, who could do the most spins and tricks on the way down, and lots of other things. They had a blast!
Here is a picture of Aaron playing in the little play cabin.
There was also a very interesting thing that happened while we were there. There was another family there while we were there. They were a smaller group, a mom and her three or so kids with their spouses and kids. Maybe 13-15 in all. They stayed to themselves mostly and did their own thing. On Saturday they were packing up getting ready to go, and one of the moms had her baby (about 9 months old) in a high chair in the mess hall. Somehow he fell out of the high chair and hit his head on the cement floor. Dixie checked him out (she works in the emergency room in Boise). He was unresponsive for about fifteen minutes. They called the ambulance and it took them awhile to get there. During that time some of the members of our group were given permission to give the baby a priesthood blessing. As soon as the blessing was over the baby woke up and started acting normal. He was playing and things. Then the paramedics arrived. They checked him out and said he was fine. They decided to call life-flight anyway and fly him to Boise in case he had internal bleeding in his brain or something. It was exciting for the kids to see a helicopter land in the field.
They ran an MRI and CAT scan and he was fine. They said that it was like nothing ever happened. The grandmother and one of the kids are active in the Church but the rest are not. They are hoping that this experience will maybe get the Mom of the baby interested in the Church again. Needless to say, we had a very spiritual testimony meeting the next morning. The spirit was so strong at the Ranch after that experience. I hope the other family could feel it too.

While we were there Josh asked Clark if he could draw a portrait of him. Here it is. It took Clark about 15 minutes to do. Josh was really impressed with Clark. He wants to be an artist when he grows up. During the testimony meeting Clark talked about a time when he forgot about a promise he made to Heavenly Father and he lost his talent. He talked about how it felt and how sorry he was. After he remembered and kept his promise he got his talent back. He could feel it flowing back into his body he has never forgotten that feeling. It really impressed Josh. He is so excited to have this picture as a reminder of that wonderful weekend.

On to the next big thing.

Ben started school (junior high) on Wednesday. I took him the first day. I think I embarrassed him. (Isn't that what parents are for?) I was taking pictures of him and he kept saying "O.K. Mom. Don't you think it's time to get out the scissors and cut the umbilical cord? I'm going to be late." It was about 15 minutes until school started and he had plenty of time. Finally I had to let my baby go. I was fine- I really was. The next day he started taking the bus. When I sent him out the door I got a little teary and my
"wonderful" husband made a snide remark that I didn't appreciate. Mike keeps saying that he's glad I have such a tender heart, but then he makes fun of me for it. I guess that's just my lot in life.
Ben is having a good time with this new adventure. I was worried that he would have a hard time with having seven classes to remember, but he seems okay with it so far. Of course it is only the first few days and they don't really start having homework until they go back on Tuesday after Labor Day. Then he might have a little bit of a time, but I think he'll do great!
I need to go and get some things done. You know, like cleaning up the breakfast now that it's after 10:00, changing a diaper for the first time today, getting dressed, etc.
Have a great day!


Isaac and Sara said...

What a fun time you guys had at the cabin! And I love Clark's picture of Josh, what a cool thing to have. And Ben in middle school- I can't believe I'm the Aunt of a middle schooler! Love you guys!!

The Price Family!!! said...

Ben was just a tiny little baby when Mat and I started dating. I remember Josh the day you brought him home from the hospital. They have grown up so fast! Tell them hello...and We love them!