Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Mike and I were playing a game of Scrabble the other day. I drew the letter E and he drew the letter P so I went first. I put down the word burn and got 12 points. Mike put down the word painting. He used all his letters and got 66 points. The game just went downhill for me. During the game vowels were scarce for me and I had both Bs, both Cs, both Fs, and both Vs, and one of the Ys. Mike did have the Z and the Q, but didn't have much of a problem playing them. Guess who won?


Kel's Husband said...

I think it would be fun to play scrabble in another language. You could use all of the Zs and Qs on the name of one person in the middle east. I guess you probably can't do names. Shrug, I never was much for scrabble. I'd probably end up doing the same thing I used to do with Rummikub. Secretly place tiles down when I would "draw" on a turn where I couldn't play anything. Aha! Clandestine Ops win again! Bwah ha ha!

Angie said...

Tracy almost always kicks my hiney at scrabble, and I'm supposed to be the writer! If you go to our blog (lofthousefamily.blogspot.com --Yes, we gave in to blogspot) and click on the gallery, you can see a picture of our best game of scrabble ever. It's under the Xander's Blessing gallery.


Angie said...

PS. Tracy won that one, too.