Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

So, we have had some technical difficulties. The problem is not fixed, but my computer is letting me post so I guess I had better while it is being so nice.

Howdy Pardner! Whas Up?!

Well, at least one of the children is willing to help out around here.

Hey! Look how cute I am! I sure wish Mom would stop taking pictures of me, though. I'm going to go blind from the flash soon!

So, I have to drive past this house close to our neighborhood once in a while. Just a few weeks ago I noticed that the trees in the parking strip aren't trees at all. They are lilac bushes cut to look like trees. I thought it was very interesting. Pretty while they are in bloom and when the flowers are gone and it's just leaves, but not so much when the flowers are past their prime and dead.

You looking at me?

A cute nephew...

and a cute niece!

If you go to you can get a free movie code every Monday. They also send you free codes every now and then. They have one for Father's Day. It expires at midnight on Monday, June 16. It is FLAGIT . If you want a free movie this weekend, here you go.

Happy Father's Day this weekend. Especially to my husband. We'll miss you while you are out of town!

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sara said...

Yay for new pictures!! Love you!