Sunday, June 22, 2008

2 in a Row - Mike is a Bloggin' Fiend!

Belle tagged me so here it goes! I hope these questions are not used in blackmail.
List your 5 favorite sounds:
-Running water in a stream
-The sound of power tools
-My wife snoring
-The ding from timer
- The general din of silence

List your five favorite places:
- Park City, UT
- The Wisconsin State Capital
- Driving on a golf Course
- The top of any large skyscraper
- Milwaukee County Stadium (tear, it is gone)

Five Favorite Smells:
- My chocolate chip cookies cooking
- Fresh cut grass, it makes me tear and choke up
- Belle's perfume
- The sizzle of fresh cooked onions
- The minute after a rainstorm

Five things that make me laugh:
- My kids - Isn't that six
- My wife's humor after 11:00pm
- A really good pun
- A really good commercial on TV
- Calvin and Hobbes comic strips

Five favorite things to eat:
- Cookie dough
- Pecan Pie
- Large Hamburger
- Shrimp
- Large Salad with Winger's Creamy Amazing Dressing on it

Five favorite things to do:
- Watch a good movie with my wife - She will always fall asleep
- Going to a really cool museum
- I love playing sports - even though I hurt myself every time
- Building with my hands
- Reading

Five Favorite Movies:
- Field of Dreams
- That Thing You Do
- Star Wars Movies
- Lord of the Rings Movies
- Big Fish

Five Favorite Authors:
- Clive Cussler
- John Grishom
- JRR Tolkien
- Arthur Conan Doyle
- God - Going for a scripture reference

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Honey nut Cherrios

Secret Occupational Fanasty - Movie Director

Five Favorite Words:
- Plethora
- Chief
- Dude
- Crackin'
- Dynamic
- Caliber

Favorite Saying: "You are only limited by your own thoughts."
"Holy Crap" - Frank Ramano from Everybody Loves Raymond

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