Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Post From Mike - Yes Mike! I know. it is a Miracle!

So I got home from Houston, TX on Wednesday night. I have to say I had forgotten what humidity feels like. I got in on Sunday night and got off the plane and was instantly sweating buckets. I also got off the plane, which had propellers on it, and walking down the stairs I wrenched by right leg something painful. I hobbled myself through the Houston airport and then had to wait for an hour for the shuttle to get there because the guy forgot about me. I found out Houston has over 5 million people. It was amazing to see the different parts of this city. They have 3 major downtown areas, Houston Downtown, the Galleria where I stayed, and then the new developing area that has a lot of their technology and big oil companies. I went and had dinner at Willey G's because the gal at the hotel said it was close. Close turned out to be about a mile walk on a bum leg. I had dinner with an oil executive who pulled out a wad of bills bigger than my fist. He was a great talk and he want to tell me how unfair it is that BYU gets to play the older return missionaries.
My meetings went well and I was very impressed with our new Corporate Sales President Kristi Kennedy. She is a no non-sense lady and it restored a lot of my faith in the company.
I continued to wreck my knee so that Saturday and Sunday have been nothing but laziness and Tylenol. My hay fever has also exploded so if any of you are in need of a sneezing sound effect, I got you covered.
Yesterday was dad is mean day and you will clean your rooms and mop the floor. As you can see, the kids were excited for the opportunity. They did a great job scrubbing the floor and getting it to shine.

My Uncle John and Aunt Jackie came by to take a look at the new house, and to see me because I am super incredible. It is always great to see John and Jackie. They are the world travelers and we don't get to see them very often. It is great when they come and take my parents all over the state. I think if we could just harness the energy Jackie has we would be able to power the State of Utah. She is always on the move and she gives you her undivided attention. Jackie sat and talked to Kim for about 20 minutes. John is always someone who listens to what you are saying, even if it is the stupidest thing in the universe. I think they come so see our kids and then make a hasty retreat when they have had their fill. I love these guys to death and would love to have them closer.
Aaron was having a dance party weekend and you can see he has the moves.
I do have to mention the grass. I never thought it would happen. I have to thank all the people who helped us with this project: Dan Tyler - Michelle's cousin's husband is a total rockstar and he is the main reason I didn't just bury a lot of pipe in my yard. It is so cool to see the system work. I wish I had the Olympic music playing when the sprinklers come up. Thanks to Dad Lalliss for his four wheeler and all of his tools that I take from him. Thanks to the Lomax family who gave us 800 feet of their leftover sod, Alex Smith who brought it over and helped us get it in. The Maxfield, Carvers, Kempe, Sloans, Holmes, and the Kings who let us walk on their yard. We laid 25oo feet of sod in 1.5 hours. I know there is still a ton to do, but it is nice to get a large chunk of it finished.
Concerning Father's Day. It sucks when you have to travel, but my kids had their things ready for me in the morning. Kim and Emma helped me make eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. It was a good morning until I had to leave.
Lastly, to Belle. You still rock my world. I still feel my heart race when I see you. I am whipped like non-dairy whipped topping.
So this is my post. Hope you liked it. If not, leave a comment and Belle will let me know. Ciao!

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Kati said...

Michael...we missed you on Father's Day. It just wasn't the same without you there. I really mean that.

Your kids were so cute. They were all pretty sad that you were gone. The sadness and depression they had made me think you had been gone for DAYS! Michelle explained that it had only been a few hours. How cute it that?

You are lucky you have grass. We are still waiting. I am bitter.

Glad your trip was good. It is always nice to come home though. Especially when there are so many people awaiting your arrival. You may be whipped with your wife...but I have to say that after seeing your family on Sunday, without YOU....they are pretty whipped as well.