Sunday, January 25, 2009

We were invited to Mike's parents house for dinner today. It almost didn't happen because they live up a mountain, and it has been snowing there all day.
These are some pictures I took when we were getting ready to leave.

Across the street from their house, out the front window, and out the back window.
It was beautiful, but Mike's Dad followed us down the hill to make sure we would be okay.
We made it home safely, in spite of the snowflakes that were as big as my head.


Another important safety tip coming up-

On Friday, January 23, Mike took me to Z'tejas in Salt Lake for dinner. He won a gift card off the radio so we decided to use it (his birthday is this Thursday after all).

First of all, it was so foggy that in places we could hardly see the front of our car. We made it safely to the Gateway. Then we realized that we were in our van and would have to find some place to park the beast. We have only parked in places that said there was an eight foot clearance. We managed to get in a place that was seven foot. We held our breath the whole time until Mike stopped and I got out and looked. We realized that we had a good three inch clearance so we were good.

We got to the restraunt and ordered. I got the Barbacoa enchiladas and Mike got the Gorgonzola Steak. Both excellent choices. Here is my meal.

What you can't see is the pepper I already took off the plate. Here it is-

I nibbled the end to see if it was a hot pepper or what. It tasted like a green pepper so I decided to take a bite. This is me telling how long the pepper used to be.

This picture was taken about twenty minutes after I took the bite. It took me that long to be able to breathe normally and to not be crying anymore. The only way that I can be smiling in this picture is because I had two ice cubes in my mouth. I am usually the one that says "the spicier the food the better". I found out from the waiter that this is a serrano pepper, the next step down from the scotch bonnet (hottest in the world) and the habanjero (next hottest). If I had taken a bigger bite I know that I would have told Mike to dial 911. The fumes from the pepper went up into my sinuses, into my ear canals, and down my throat. I think the only thing that saved me was the fact that as soon as I bit into it I realized how hot it was and I spit it out. For dinner that night I had one bite of a serrano pepper, probably eight or ten chips, a few bites of cornbread, about twenty ice cubes, and five glasses of water. Good times, good times.
I did bring my food home and had it for lunch yesterday. It was very good.

So, if you get a pepper on your plate that is supposed to be just a garnish, ask your waiter what it is before you decide to sample it. If you do decide to partake, please make sure you have some ice or maybe some ice cream handy.

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