Monday, February 2, 2009

I guess it's been awhile since I last posted so here goes-

(I am practicing for the twelve step program that I need to enroll in, so bear with me.)

-okay, deep breath-

I am here to admit that I am lame. I am the lamest. I am so lame at birthdays that one of my sons didn't have a birthday party until he was seven. And that was only because my mom felt so bad for him that she planned one.

Last Thursday was Mike's birthday. I, once again, was a slacker in the planning of any sort of event for this occasion. So, Mike planned for us to go to the Temple and then have his parents take us out for lunch. (Mike also planned to take that day off of work for said plans.) After we got the kids off to school and to the sitter (Thanks, Melissa!) we headed up to Ogden. We went through a session then the parents took us to lunch at the Union Grill in Ogden. We placed our order and then we had a visitor. It was Isaac's mom. She was there with a friend and saw us come in. Back before Christmas she asked this friend to pick up a train hub for the game of domino's next time she went to Mexico. She planned to give this to Mike's parents. She was meeting this friend for lunch because the friend had just gotten back from Mexico and needed to give this train hub to Isaac's mom. She had just done so when we walked in. What a coincidence! So she took it from the friend, walked right over to our table, and gave it to Tom and Barbara. It was great to see her again. I hadn't seen her for awhile and it took me a minute to remember who she was.

I thought it was great that she was giving them a train hub when we were there eating in a train station.

Anyway, back to the lameness of the birthday. Mike and I were so full from lunch that I had no desire to prepare a birthday dinner. This is what we had-

I did let Mike take me out to lunch on Friday for his birthday. We went to Manuel's El Burrito.
He had his usual (the buffet) and I had my usual (three sweet pork enchiladas on flour tortillas). Then when we were done they brought Mike a great big sombrero to wear and an ice cream sundae to eat. He got up and danced with the waitress while they were all singing to him.

Aaron thought that the hat was great and he wanted to wear it, too.

We spent most of the day on Saturday cleaning out the garage. Mike needs everything out of the room that is going to be the girls so he can start on the wiring and things. Therefore, we had to clean out the garage so we could move more things into there. This is a picture AFTER the cleansing.

And this is a picture of my prom dress that will soon be gracing the rack at D.I.

I have no idea why I still have this. I bought it 25 years ago and wore it to all my high school dances that were formal. (What was I thinking?) It cost more than my wedding dress did, in case you were wondering. It cost $88 plus tax and my wedding dress cost $83, plus I only used about half of the material I bought. So I guess my wedding dress really cost somewhere in the neighborhood of forty dollars plus a zipper and some thread.
Anyway, on Sunday Mike made his own birthday cake, which I frosted for him. Yeah, I know. That was big of me, wasn't it.

I was just getting out the candles so we could sing to him and pretend it was his birthday when there was a knock on the door. My cousin Taren, her husband Dan, and three of their kids were on our porch. They came over to invite us to their house to play some games. We explained about the cake and invited them to stay at our house for some games AND cake. Of course, they obliged.

We ate cake, played Apples To Apples, and watched the Super Bowl. It was really fun!


On another note, here is something I saw on my drive today-

I have no idea what is under all that ice. Maybe they have a fountain in their yard or something. I'll have to go past this house in the summer to check it out. It is on 3000 West just south of the junior high, if you want to check it out. I imagine that it is too long of a drive for most of you. If I remember, I'll keep you posted.

The reason I was on a drive was because there are parent-teacher conferences all week so the kids are out early. All week. Usually they are just out early on Fridays. I usually feed the boys some lunch a little early then go for a short drive so they will fall asleep in the car. Then I just go park over to the school and wait until the kids are out. If this doesn't happen, it's a no-nap day and I live with miserable little monsters all afternoon.

So, I hope to be seeing a lot of this this week-

Have a great one!
(by the way - Shout out to Kenn - I heard you on the radio on my drive. You were great!)

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