Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do you notice anything missing?

(This is my laundry room, in case you couldn't tell.)

We were thinking of just replacing our dryer with a used one off the internet. It would've done the job. For awhile.

We went to the Home Depot just to look and decided that it would be a better option for us to buy a new one. A big one. A front loader that would use sixty percent less water and forty percent less electricity. (We decided to replace the washing machine also.) We decided that our kids are still pretty young, and there are many years of laundry ahead of us. It would be worth it in the long run (right?). The new machines would pay for themselves in no time just with the savings on energy and water (right?) And they are big enough that I could do one load instead of three. Ya gotta love savings all around!

Here are some pics of the new occupants of my laundry room. Maybe sometime we can finish the room so they will have more comfortable surroundings.

And not a moment too soon. This is what it looks like when a family of eight doesn't do any laundry for one week.

This doesn't include any of the sheets that need washed (every sheet on every bed) or any towels (every towel in the house is dirty). We also realized after I took this photo that the girls hadn't brought down any of their laundry yet.

The new machines were working all day and we are getting close to seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.


We also have some of this going on around here-

He is such a helper. He's there everytime we turn around. Getting into whatever it is that we are trying to do. His favorite is unloading the dishwasher faster that we can load it. He usually wins that game, unless we relocate him.

Have a great day!


I almost forgot the best thing about this past weekend. It wasn't Valentines day. It wasn't a new set of laundry doers. It wasn't even the date I had with my hubby (sorry, Mike). It was hearing the news that my brother will return from serving for a year in Afghanistan. He will arrive back in the states by Thursday. BOOO YAAA!!!!!!!!


Jolene said...

Those look exactly like my LG washer and dryer (which I LOVE by the way). I'm way excited for Scott to come home too (although that means he and Kelly and the kids will be moving across the country away from us). Too bad he couldn't make it home before his birthday- hopefully he will make it home before mine!!

Kati said...

YOU WILL LOVE THOSE! I am so happy for you! You totally deserve those! What a great weekend!

sara said...

oooh, those are so pretty!! i am totally jealous. i am so excited for your bother too, what great news!

Mom said...

Great news about your brother! And your new washer and drier look super!
Doing the laundry will be so much fun now that the kids will beg to be able to do it! (on this planet?)
Have fun! Love to all of you.