Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I've been tagged!

(I love being tagged!)


8 Shows I Love:
(not necessarily in this order)

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Survivor
3. ER - apparently I am one of the few to stick with it all these years.
4. The Big Bang Theory - especially the episode entitled "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"
5. Heroes
6. Lost
7. The Biggest Loser
8. Private Practice

8 Places I Love To Eat:

1. Red Robin
2. Winger's
3. Mimi's Cafe
4. Javier's
5. Tomato Street - in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene
6. Manuel's El Burrito
7. Macaroni Grill
8. my Mom's house

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Cooked fishsticks for dinner. Because I'm lazy.
2. Checked out all my favorite blogs.
3. Drove around for half an hour hoping that Aaron would fall asleep for a nap only to have him doze off and get a bloody nose and bleed all over the place. He woke up after ten minutes because I couldn't figure out a way to clean him up without waking him.
4. Delivered invites to the Primary activity this weekend. Just to the kids who weren't there on Sunday and to some inactives that I have taken an interest in.
5. Went to parent-teacher conferences, now called SEP conferences. It stands for Student/Educator/Parent if you want to know.
6. Changed diapers.
7. Took a shower.
8. Swept the kitchen floor.

8 Things I Like About This Season
(I'm assuming this means Sprinter, or maybe Wintpring)

1. Sweater weather.
2. Tiny leaves poking out of the ground.
3. Tiny leaves poking out of branches.
4. Not having to shovel the driveway.
5. Seeing my backyard covered with grass.
6. More chartreuse appears in my environment.
7. The sun shining (when there's no inversion) through my windows to heat my house.
8. My skin isn't so painful.

8 Things On My Wish List

1. The basement finished.
2. Andrew out of our bedroom - can only happen after the basement is finished.
3. A bigger kitchen.
4. More peace in my life.
5. A get-away with my husband.
6. A home based business that I could run and be really good at.
7. Dinner to magically appear on the table every night at six o'clock.
8. For my husband to be independently wealthy.
9. More time for me to create.
10. To be more creative. (oops, that's ten. oh well-deal with it!)

8 People's List I Would Like To See
(I don't know if I know 8 people, but here goes.)

1. Kati
2. Sara
3. Barbara
4. Mike
5. Suze
6. Jolene
7. Kelly
8. Angie

Have a fantastic day!

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Mom said...

What a lot of fun things to learn about you, Michelle. You are great! You are not "lame- the lamest". Even if you don't do bang-up birthday celebrations, you are a wonderful mom, and a good example to your girls of what Heavenly Father wants his daughters to be. Love, Mom Price