Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I know that you are all on pins and needles waiting to hear the final total of how many pictures I ended up taking in January 2009. Remember I'm taking one picture a day for a whole year? Well, I think I made my quota, and then some.

My final number is....

(drumroll, please)


Just for January!

Yeah, I know. I need to get a life.


So, I got some devastating news (only to me) the other day. Our elementary school has decided to go back to the traditional schedule starting in August. No more year-round. So I either grit my teeth and deal with it, or I drive my kids 11 miles each way to the nearest year-round school - which by the way is the school they went to before we moved.

Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

I'll keep you posted.


As kindof a side note that sortof applies to the above dilemma, I saw this thought on a blog that I stalk everyday ( She saw it on the blog of one of her friends. Here it is-

What I realized is that there is not just one big moment of courage in our lives. There are many. These moments come to us in different ways. At times we are forced into a leap (unexpected pregnancy, when parents or partners pass away, when we lose our job). At times we are called into a leap (when someone invites us for a trip of a lifetime, when our partner wants to move to a new city, when we are offered a chance, when we take the "money maker" role to support our family). Then there are also the daily tiny leaps we take for the sake of adventure (when we try new types of food, music, when we go out on a date, when we talk to a stranger, when we transition from blogger friends to real life friends). No matter how small, silly or hard, tiny, dramatic or forgotten... All leaps are important because little by little, we live through change, we figure out how to cope, we move forward, we learn who we are, and we build our confidence for the bigger leaps, the ones we seek for ourselves.

I hate change, and I hate "leaping".

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sara said...

that's a lot of pictures!! keep it up!