Thursday, February 19, 2009

I kindof feel like a slacker.

I know it's been just a couple of days since I last posted, but I feel like it's been forever.

First off, I was tagged. Here are six weird facts about me.

1. When I eat a sandwich, or toast, or a slice of bread, I always eat all the side crusts first. Down one side, across the bottom, then down the other side.Then I eat the middle, leaving the top crust for last.

2. I have probably twelve or thirteen (at least) notebooks that I write in. Lists of things, favorite quotes, ideas, etc. It makes me mad when I pull out a notebook and someone has taken the pen that was attached to it.

3. I have the ugliest heels you will ever see.

4. I have a pizza eating thing too. I pull off the crust, eat the pizza from large end to small, then eat the crust until it's just a small sliver of bread, then I eat it.

5. I don't mind cleaning up dirty diapers or throw-up, but I really hate to empty the dishwasher.

6. I generally hate calling people on the phone. I don't mind talking to people on the phone, I just hate making the call.

Now I tag (in alphabetical order)-Barbara, Jolene, Kati, Kelly, Kris, Sara, Suze, and anyone else who wants to play.


This is what my family did on Monday-

We got on this bus-

and went here-

-the Draper, Utah Temple Open House-

It was such an incredible experience to have my whole family together in the temple.
In the sealing room we were showing the kids how the mirrors reflect back on each other and telling them about the significance of them. I could see my family reflected forever. As we walked out of the room, the sister there asked the kids if they saw their family in the mirrors going on forever. Her husband said to her, "Mom did" because he could see me crying. It was so great. I wish my kids would always remember that.

This is Josh and Emma on the bus back to our parking lot.


Just an update on my photo-a-day project.
I haven't taken a single picture since Monday!
I've taken 193 so far this month, so I think I probably have enough to choose from.


My brother is in Maine today. I don't know why it's taken so long to get to the states from Afghanistan, but it has. I've heard he has some de-briefing in Washington for a week or so, then home. Yay!!!
I don't know how reliable this info is. I'm just glad he's on his way.
(We're still praying for you, Scott!)

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