Monday, April 6, 2009


It was from my father-in-law. Those of you who know my father-in-law are probably saying "What?!?" (He is not known for talking a lot and doesn't talk on the phone unless he absolutely has to.) Anyway, he was calling from St. George. They have been there for a few days with Sara and Isaac (Mike's sister and her hubby). Their birth mom gave birth on April 2 to a 9 pound 12 ounce baby girl. The call today was to say that all the papers have been signed and she is now theirs. It's final and there is very little chance that something will happen to take her away from them. (If you want to know more about their journey to this point, visit here - ).
I am so happy for them, I don't have the words to express my feelings. I will say,

Welcome! We are SO glad to have you here and to have you be part of our extended family!

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