Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday I finished watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing China. It only took me eight months to complete my Olympic experience.

Andrew has four teeth. Two in front on the bottom, the front top left one, the second one in next to that, and he finally got the front top right one. I'm glad. He's had this weird snaggle-tooth thing going.

Mike no longer works for Westaff. His company got bought by Select Staffing a few weeks ago. He just found out this morning that his office has been sold, and they have canceled his trip to California that he was supposed to take next week. He was supposed to go for training. This is not looking good, but I'm going to have faith that everything will work out great. (Have I mentioned that I HATE change. It usually is not good change.)

My kids have been hanging around the house. It's Spring Break. I think it should be called "Let's-See-How-Long-It-Will-Take-To-Break-Mommy" week. I'm probably not remembering correctly (you'll have to ask my Mom), but I don't remember saying every five minutes, "Mom, what can I do? There's nothing to do." I remember playing Barbies at Melissa's house for eight hours in a row. I remember climbing trees in the field. I remember writing stories and reading books. I never once said,"Can I play the computer?" or "When is it going to be my turn for the video game? She's had a longer turn than I got!" (Those things were WAY after my time, but don't tell my kids.) Anyway, I remember entertaining myself most of the time.

We are cruising right along on the finishing of the basement. Yesterday Mike got the electricity (plugs and lights) working in the girls room. We just need to frame out a bookcase that will be built in, and get an inspection then we can put up the drywall. Downstairs we just need to get the plumbing going, the tub/shower installed, toilet, etc. and inspections then we can drywall there. Then flooring and we're done. I'm sure there will be much more to do than what I'm thinking of, but we can kindof see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm still the Primary Secretary in our ward, and I still love my calling. The women I'm serving with are awesome, and I hope we will always be friends.

We get to meet our new neice this weekend. Her name is Hazel. We've seen pictures and she is pretty cute. We are so excited for Sara and Isaac! They will be awesome parents!

327 pictures were taken with my camera last month (March). I don't know how many of those were taken by me. My kids have been getting my camera and going nuts with it. So far in April - 148. Maybe 60 taken by me.

I have a mountain of laundry to tackle, so I better go. (Still loving my new washer and dryer, by the way.)

Have A Great Easter Weekend!

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