Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Ponderings

This week has been exciting, frustrating, and full of surprises. Let me start off by saying that I love tax refunds. It is the time when I get money back from the FEDS and I give each of my children the yearly $1000 kiss of love. Let me also say that it is the poopiest time of year as well because we usually have at least one or 7 huge expenses that seem to sap up the refund faster than you can say "Uncle Sam". I manifested a big stinkin' TV for my family room this year but I might have to postpone this extravagance for a decade or two.
I have been busting my gut to get our basement framed in. I finally finished this task and have begun the joy of re-learning electrical installation, installing heating duct work(which I have never done), and plumbing. My goal has been to spend an hour a night in the dungeon getting some task completed. This week - Phone and Cable wire Pulling!
Work in the staffing industry has been going well. I am having terrific new year as a sales person. We are helping people who really want to work and are willing to work hard and that is the part of my job that I really like.
I have been able to come home to my barefoot and pregnent wife who is never getting any sleep and has a pinched nerve in her leg. She walks around like a gimp because her leg is asleep. I am daily aware of how much this amazing woman puts up with me and the five other juvenile deliquents in this house. Today she was wearing a black dress, and was looking rather fine, and I just had to smile and feel grateful that she put in with me for eternity. I just might make it in the next life because she is there pushing me.
To the frustrating portion of the week, I am daily amazed at the constant attention a 13 year old boy needs to get his homework done. Ben is a great kid with a lot of love in his heart and this week I was about ready to pack him up and send him to Philadelphia to live with Sara. Mom & Dad, forgive me for the pain and suffering I may have caused you in the past.
Also frustrating is the sickness that seems to be every present in our home. I am about ready to take each kid and dunk them in a pool of anti-bacterial fluid and then purge the house with a nice burning.
The smiles this week come from Aaron who graduated to "the big boy bed" and thinks i is just to cool. He also comes and wants to read a book with me all the time. He is quite the smart young man.
Emma also put a smile on my face when we went to get the new mattress for Aaron and she said she is happy to be with me because Dad is fun to be with.
I also got to give a lot of bear hugs this week to each kid. I really liked today's Gospel Doctrine lesson where Lehi speaks of his eternal reward and that he will be encircled about in the arms of the Savior's love. I remember the hugs Grandpa Rex Price would give us and how I felt when I was squeezed by him. I think this is the best thing on the planet and I am glad my kids like to have a tight squeeze with me.
In conclusion, I would like to state my immense dislike for shoveling snow, folding laundry, and cleaning up after sick kids. If I could get these things to a smaller scale, I would be OK with the Change. Things I would like to see increase are passionate kisses with my wife, the overall GPA of my childrens' school work, my patience, and the overall Economic Stimulus Plan. BRING ON THE REFUND CHECKS!!!!!


Kenn and Jolene said...

Hey M&M,
Just came across your blog. Like you, I especially love my kids during tax time. Its good to be able to keep up on your family's life via the internet since we never get to see you anymore.
Love, Kenn and Jolene

P.S. We also have a blog @

Kati said...

ummmmm.....why do other people get refunds and we always have to pay?
I hate tax season.

sara said...

ship your kiddos to us- we'll take 'em!