Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I feel like I just took a HUGE step in my life. As many of you know, I am totally technologically illiterate. I don't have a cell phone, or an ipod, or anything like that and I have to keep asking what MB means. I have no clue how to get to a chat room and I need my kids to help me figure out how to do things on the computer because they know much more than I do. I figured out by myself how to set this blog up. Well, that is not quite true. Sara and Isaac (Mike's sister and her husband) let us know about this site and how easy it is. But, I did push the next button and enter our password and everything by myself. One small insignificant thing to most people, but one HUGE accomplishment to me.
I started this website because I have lots of people (even my own brothers and sisters) ask me if we have a family website so they can see pictures of our kids and know what's going on with us. I also LOVE looking on Isaac and Sara's page. I look it up everyday, sometimes twice, to see if there is a new post. I am hoping that I can keep in touch with you more, even if it is one sided and for everyone instead of one on one.
So, here is our first post.
We have a lot going on this week. Yesterday (Monday, July 9) Ben had to be at his leaders house at 5:30 am to go to Scout Camp. He will get back on Saturday afternoon sometime. They went to a camp that's by Preston, Idaho. I was teasing his leaders about transporting minors across state lines, but I guess it's okay if they have a signed permission slip from the parents. Mike was teasing me because my baby is growing up and leaving me for a whole week. ( I am getting teary-eyed now just thinking about him being gone.) Mike thinks the umbilical cord is still a little too thick and I should cut it already. Ben will be turning thirteen (yikes! a teenager) in a few weeks.
Also yesterday was Emma's birthday. She turned six years old. I took a picture of her wearing the dress I was baptized in. I have a picture of me wearing it on my eighth birthday (the day I got baptized). It fits Emma, but it is just a little bit short. I must have been a tiny thing back then. Both Emma and Kim like to tease me about how small I must have been. I will post those pictures when I take the next technological step and figure out how to do that.
Also yesterday Mike had to fly to Boise for a meeting. They had some "management realignment" happen and this meeting is where they find out just exactly what happened. Mike said something like 15 managers were "let go". I guess we'll let you know if Mike still has a job or not in the next couple of days.
Many of you know that we just moved. Well, I guess it's not just anymore. We moved the last few days of February. That makes it just over four months ago. So far we have pulled all the dead sod out of the front yard, tilled the whole yard (1/3 acre), sprayed the weeds multiple times, planted a garden (we call it the jungle-I'll post pictures and you'll see why), and bought some trees to plant. We will be digging trenches for a sprinkler system soon, and we are trying to finish the basement when we can. As you can tell, we are very busy. I will put up a picture of our new house soon.
Kimi just got baptized on June 30. She had eagerly awaited the day for more than a year. I made her dress out of the same material that I made my wedding dress and both her and Emma's blessing dresses out of. It turned out really beautiful, and Kimi looked fantastic. Kati (Mike's sister-in-law) made her a beautiful headband out of beads that made her look like a princess wearing a tiara. What a beautiful way to become a member of the Church.
I will post more (including pictures) another time.
Have a great day!

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Isaac and Sara said...

I am so happy you started a blog!! I love it! And the pictures of the kids just made my day. I love and miss you all so much!! Kim, you look beatiful in your baptism dress- we are so proud of you!