Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Wife is incredibly cool

Hey everybody,

This is Mike and I just wanted to type a quick note in this blog to let you know how cool my wife is. She is just technically savvy enough to be dangerous. It has been a lot of fun to come home and see how excited she is when she gets something to work on the computer. It is a little interesting when she calls and wants me to teach her how to run QuarkXpress when I don't have the program in front of me and I don't know what she is trying to accomplish. She has a great creativity streak and it has been fun to see what she comes up with. SHE ROCKS!!!!


Isaac and Sara said...

Your wife IS incredibly cool. I love your blog!

Marty said...

Hey Price family what an AWESOME!!! BLOG Ilove the family pic with all the kids laying down in a circle that was very creative shot. Anyhow, thanks for leting us know about your blog.

We have a site called nelsonsrule.com you can go there to see updated pictures of the twins.

That was so very kind of you to stop by the other day and sya Hi and drop off a gift, we miss you guys over here at the town homes, but Mike, Hodge, and I will have to get together for some packer games and bruats. Brett's last year I hear and finally actually believe the media this time. Take care -The Schroader's