Saturday, July 14, 2007

In the last post I refered to how much we have going on this week. Ben has been at scout camp since monday and was supposed to come back this afternoon (saturday). We got a phone call last night at about 7:00 from the leader from our ward that went up with the boys. As soon as I saw our caller id that said "wireless caller" I just knew it was about Ben. They had been playing a game called "violent chair". It's a game where two people are racing around a circle of people sitting in chairs and they are both trying to get into the one empty chair. Brother Maxfield (the leader mentioned above) and Ben were the two contestants. Somehow in the melee Ben injured his wrist and they thought it was broken. They crammed most of his things into his backpack and headed for the hospital. He got an x-ray and they determined that it is just a really bad sprain. He has a splint kind of thing on his wrist and his arm in a sling. He isn't supposed to lift anything or use his wrist too much. It was a long wait for us to find out what was going on. They called us at about seven then we didn't hear from them again until about nine or so. Then they told us what the outcome was and said they were coming home. They hadn't had any dinner yet so they were going to stop for a burger or something then they would be on their way. Ben called just after eleven and said they were at a Wendy's somewhere and they would be home soon. They pulled in just after midnight. Ben was tired and VERY dirty. He had a quick shower and still had dirt packed in his ears and under his nails. We finally all got to sleep about 12:45am. This morning Ben soaked in the tub and had a haircut so he looks good and shiny again. He was a little sad about coming home early, but the only thing he missed was the final campfire last night. This morning was just packing up and coming home. We have already had visits this morning from scouts wondering how Ben is doing. He is great, and says it hardly hurts at all anymore.

I took some pictures of our backyard and our garden (the place my husband calls "the jungle"). Here they are-

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The Price Family! said...

UGH! Putting in yards! I am glad to see someone else is feeling our pain! Just think how nice it will be when it is all done! We can have some serious BBQ's!