Monday, July 23, 2007



Here are our cute kids on their first day-

  • Josh is in the 5th grade this year
  • Kim is in the 3rd grade this year
  • Emma is in the 1st grade this year

They were all so excited that they had trouble getting to sleep last night and they were all up and dressed by 6:30 this morning. Josh and Emma waited on the front porch for almost a half an hour waiting for it to be time to go. It would be nice if this excitement level lasted past the first week of school.


Ben turned 13 this past saturday!


He had a great day. He received a spy kit, a tie with frogs on it,
a couple of toys and a million dollar bill. He chose to go to Burger King
for lunch and for dinner we had triple chocolate cake with chocolate
frosting and Brownies on the Moon flavored ice cream. Yum!

He will start junior high on August 29 so there will be his "first day
of school" pictures then.


In honor of Ben's transition into adulthood, the quote of the day is-

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly,
and lie about your age.
-Lucille Ball

Have a great day!


Isaac and Sara said...

I really should stop reading your blog here at work since now I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! You kids look adorable, I love and miss you all!! I am so glad that you had a great first day of school! And I can't believe Ben's a teenager! Pretty soon he'll be old enough to date and drive :) I love you all!

The Price Family! said...

Your kids look soooooo cute for their first day of school! Ben is so handsome! I can't believe he is a teenager! WOW! Where does the time go?