Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Things I Am Grateful For

Since I didn't get a chance to add to my list yesterday I get double
duty today. Here goes-

1. I am grateful for Orange rolls. Yum!

2. I am grateful for Pie Crust Day. Every year in
November, my mom hosts Pie Crust Day at
her house. It is for all the grandchildren. (There
were 25 children and nine adults there yesterday.)
They all get to make their
own pie crust, and all the moms make crusts
for the Thanksgiving pies they will make. The
kids talk about it all year and really look
forward to it. Mom said yesterday, "I don't
know how many more years I'll be able to do
this." My sister, Jolene, and I told her that
she started the tradition so she gets to carry it
on until she dies. Mom said that may be
anytime now, with how much this activity takes out
of her.

3. I am grateful for rain. I love how it cleans the air
and makes everything clean.

4. I am grateful for crock pots.

5. I am grateful that I get to make this list and think
about and realize all the things I am grateful for.

6. I am grateful for a two year old that is a born
entertainer. He has been trying somersaults
and doing flips and dancing around our front room
for the past fifteen minutes. It is very entertaining and makes me
happy to see.

7. I am grateful for the scriptures. I am grateful for the chance my
husband has to teach the Gospel Doctrine class in our ward. We get
to have some really neat discussions as he prepares his lessons. I am
also grateful for this because then I get to hear some of the lessons
that I would otherwise not hear because I am in Primary.

8. I am grateful for carrots and potatoes. Especially the potato part. I
could eat them everyday.

9. I am grateful for little kid giggles.

10. I am grateful for Jackson's Primary talk he is giving today. Look it up
on Mat and Kati's blog. I really appreciate the sweet spirit that children
have. I get to see it and feel it every week in Primary.

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