Friday, November 16, 2007

November 16-
1. Today I am grateful to have a hot water heater. I think of the pioneers and how they had to heat all their water if they needed hot water. Can you imaging heating enough hot water to bathe five children and two adults?

2. I am grateful for a comfortable bed. Some days I just want to stay there, without a bunch of kids there with me of course.

3. I am grateful for snuggles. From my kids and from my husband.

4. I am grateful for ear plugs. Right now the kids are running around screaming at about 20 decibles. I have asked them about a billion times to stop, but obviously it's loud enough in here that they can't hear me.

5. I am grateful for the beauty of this earth. Last night we were watching Survivor-China and I am constantly amazed that there are such beautiful places on Earth.

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