Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So here's what you do if you have some apples and nothing better to do.
(These are red delicious, jonagold, and golden delicious I believe.)

You cut all the bad spots out and quarter them, then put them in the biggest pot you have. I couldn't find my big pot so I used three pots.

You cook them, stirring often so they won't burn, until they are soft and mushy. I call this stage apple mush because that's what it looks like.

Then you put the mush into a squeeze-o-thing (I'm sure this is the technical term) and turn the handle.

Lo and Behold, out comes applesauce. You then add a little sugar and some cinnamon if you want.

You then ladle it into some jars. Make sure you wipe the top of the jar with a wet
washcloth so the lid will seal. Put a lid and a ring on each jar and twist as tight as you can.

Put seven jars into the steamer and put on the lid. Once steam starts coming out of the little hole on the side you start timing. If the applesauce was hot when you put it in the steamer you time it for 25 minutes. If the applesauce was cold, you time it for 45 minutes. Most of mine
I left in for 35 minutes.

After the timer goes off this is what you get. Beautiful jars of heavenly bliss. Tasty, and they look great on your storage room shelves next to the peaches.

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