Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25, 2007
Since I didn't have time yesterday, I guess I get to post ten things today. Here goes-

1. I am grateful to spend time with my husband and children (when they aren't fighting, or poking each other, or teasing, etc.).

2. I am grateful that my kids go back to school tomorrow after having three weeks off. Maybe I can finally get something done around here.

3. I am grateful for a cool breeze on a hot day.

4. I am grateful for the internet.

5. I am grateful for haircuts on my boys. OOH, THEY ARE SO HANDSOME!!

6. I am grateful that I can get milk from the store and don't have to get it directly from the cow myself.

7. I am grateful for baby wipes- they're great for cleaning lots of things, not just bottoms.

8. I am grateful for love. I am grateful that I found someone who loves me and that I love him.

9. I am grateful for cheese, especially cheddar and pepperjack.

10. Finally today, I am grateful for our new BMBC (big mormon beasty car). We bought a new car yesterday. We've been kindof looking around. The van we had was a seven seater, and with another one on the way we need something bigger. Mike found this car on the internet and wanted me to see it. I wanted to get out of the house, so I said okay. We drove down to Bountiful and saw it. We took it for a test drive. I liked it, Mike liked it, the kids liked it, it was a great deal, so we bought it. You can't really tell what color it is in this picture because it was parked in the shade. It is the same color as a ripe cherry. That kind of deep red. It is a 12 seater. Even with the extra room there is still fights about where to sit, and "I don't want to sit by you", etc. Maybe someday they will outgrow that, although I am not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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