Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17, 2007

1. I am grateful that there is only one day now and then like yesterday. It was a day when Aaron make messes faster than I could clean them up, and everyone was so loud and uncooperative.

2. I am grateful that my brother Scott, his wife Kelly, and their daughter Adelynn are moving home from Maryland.

3. I am grateful that I don't live in Africa and that I have more than one bowl of rice to eat a day.

4. I am grateful for random acts of kindness.

5. And finally, today I am grateful that good things happen to good people who deserve it. After many many years of trying to have a child, and many many years of trying to adopt, and coming very very close to getting a child many many times, our friends Ryan and Nacole got handed a baby girl last week. We are SO happy for them. You're next Sara and Isaac. We pray for you often, and we love you!!!!!!

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